Baby S' 11 Month Update

June 16, 2016



I can't believe this is an 11 month update! Seriously, where did the time go? I can't believe my baby is going to be a year next month. So bittersweet! She is such a pleasure, it's hard to believe how fast time has flown. With Little A I was so excited for every milestone that the time didn't bother me as much, then one day I realized she was 5 years old! With Baby S I have learned to savor the days because now I know they go fast.



Milestones/Things We Did:

First Vacation: Which was also her first time staying in a hotel. We stayed in Lambertville, NJ overnight to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary and we made it a family affair. Baby S enjoyed walking around New Hope, PA in her stroller and going to dinner with us.

 Loving the bed hotel bed!

 Ready for Dinner at Sprig and Vine

Taking Steps/Walking: Right after she turned 10 months, Baby S took her first steps! Now she is walking and on the move more and more daily. She is also standing up from a sitting position on her own.


First Time at the Beach: Baby S enjoyed eating sand and spending time with her younger cousin on the beach. She was so curious about the ocean and just watched it in awe.


First Memorial Day: We had my sis-in-law, bro-in-law and nieces over for a BBQ. Baby S ate broccoli and played with the girls.


Went to Her Cousin's Christening: My niece who is my sister's daughter was baptized and T and I were the Godparents. Baby S enjoyed being with her family and taking tons of pictures! Haha!



New Words: "what's that, "doll", "sis", "yes", "hi" and mimics things we do like sneezing!


Met her baby friend Riley: Riley's mommy, Diana and I followed each other on Instagram during our pregnancies. She was 3 months behind me. One day we realized that I live literally down the road from her parents! So when she came to visit from England last week, we met up at the local juice place. Riley and Baby S had a great time! You can see some highlights in their video below!



Things We Are Loving:

Dolls. Baby S LOVES dolls! Barbies, babies, big, small, you name it, she loves it! She carries a doll around that is almost the size of her. Little A has been very gracious and has let her play with her dolls when she wants. I think Baby S needs her own though.


Broccoli (raw and cooked), Raspberries and Plums. These are the favorite foods this month. She is definitely eating more and having more variety. She had lentils and white and black beans too this month and really liked as well.

 How I am doing: 11 months post partum and I'm doing good!! I haven't reached my goal weight but I did lose all my pregnancy weight. My skin has been breaking out a lot more since having Baby S, which I guess is hormones. My body should be adjusted by 11 months though! I also had a previous post with my yearly blood test results and everything is looking good!

See you next month for my final update! :(




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