My Fully Stocked Vegan Fridge

June 22, 2016

Hey! I wanted to share a picture of my stocked fridge from last week. I don't eat all of this stuff, most of the snack type stuff is for T and Little A. Side note: T is STILL eating vegan. If you are on Facebook, please come join my Vegan Food Share group. Just type that in the search and it should come up. We share vegan eats for ideas. You don't have to be vegan to join, but anything you post does. 


My Fully Vegan Fridge: Kevita probiotic drinks, Zevia, organic kale, So Delicious coconut creamers and coconut yogurts, Once Upon a Farm baby pouches, Eziekal English Muffins, fresh guacamole, organic Boston lettuce, organic spinach, organic mixed greens, George's aloe drink, coconut water, hemp milk, Purely Elizabeth granola (I like it cold for my smoothie bowls), Kitehill cream cheese, spring water, chia seeds, rainbow carrots, broccoli, celery, peppers, lemons, peaches, apples, raspberries, plums.

Not Pictured: avocado, a cantaloupe, clementines, sweet potatoes, sprouted tofu, red potatoes, spelt wraps, watermelon, applesauce and a sapote.

Cabinet Food: (organic/vegan) Quinoa pasta, a few different beans, Quinoa, brown rice, brown rice cakes, millet, Love Grown Cereal and oatmeals, Sunwarrior Protein, Dandy Marshmallows, dark chocolate covered pretzels, popcorn, pita chips, mixed dried fruit, dried mango, gluten free pretzels, Kombu

Condiments: (organic/vegan) Coconut Aminos, Braggs Aminos, raw kraut,  ketchup and mustard, Tamari, liquid stevia,  BBQ sauce, nutritional yeast, black strap molasses, maple syrup, red curry paste, Sea Clear, chickpea miso, Miyokos mozz, Bubbies Pickles, tahini, jelly, apple cider vinegar, Hampton Creek mayo and ranch dressing, olives, chocolate syrup and flax seeds.

Freezer: An assortment of veggie burgers, frozen fruit, frozen breastmilk, Amy's gluten free bean and rice burritos, gluten free English muffins, sprouted bagels, Acai, gluten free waffles, lots of bananas for smoothies, coconut milk ice pops and ice cream, chocolate (I like it frozen), cashews, left over lentils.


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