Product Review: Raise Them Well Magnesium Oil and D3 Drops For Kids

June 24, 2016

Recently I was asked to review a few products from Raise Them Well. Raise Them Well is a family based company who sells toxic free products for the whole family. The company was started by integrative medicine doctor and his "mompreneur" wife. So you get products that are created by a doctor and a mommy expert, can't beat that combo! They are all about educating families on living toxic free and making toxic free affordable products available to all. You can find their products on Amazon.


They sent me their vitamin d3/k2 drops and a magnesium roll on. Little A loves when something comes that is "just for her". She likes having the bottle on her dresser, like I have my lotions and potions on mine. Just a little warning ALL magnesium oil does give an itchy feeling at first. I find it happens to myself with any I have used. This is not uncommon. As for Little A, she did complain for a minute or two but then was fine. I liked putting it on her 30 minutes before her shower (right before bed), so we could rinse it off before bed but the itch DOES go away after a few minutes or so. If you think your child is super sensitive, I would suggest not using magnesium oil at all but if you want to, this would be the one. This product has aloe vera in it to soothe any irritation.  Also note that, too much magnesium can cause diarrhea but I would think you need to apply the entire bottle for that to happen. I already knew these things ahead of time, so there were no issues. But as with anything, test in a small area first.

Magnesium can help calm nervous, anxious, hyper children. Little A tends to be on the hyper side and anxious at times, so I knew this was a product I wanted to try. As I mentioned, we used before bed and it really helped calm her down and more importantly, keeping her asleep. She tends to toss and turn a lot and calls for T or I, but since using this, we haven't had that happen at all! She also has "night terrors" and she hasn't had any of them either! So I believe this product has helped those issues.

The next product was for Baby S (although I use it for Little A as well). This was their vitamin d3/k2 drops. My doctor told me a few months ago to start giving Baby S vitamin d and I was using a baby one that I wasn't crazy about. Vitamin D comes from the sun and during the winter in NJ, that's not readily available. As for K2, this is another vital nutrient that isn't easy to get on a vegan diet. That is why I supplement both for myself and my kids. Vitamin D needs K2 in order to work properly for bone and teeth development. This product is physician formulated and very easy to use. The dropper gives one serving each drop so it's easy to use with out measuring. At her yearly check up, next month, she will have her one year blood test. Between using this and a little sunlight daily, I think she'll have great levels like I do.

I love being able to share products that I have tested on my family and trust and believe in. This is one of them! I hope to become an affiliate for this company in the near future. For now you can get $5 off any product with the coupon code: RTWFVOFF

I will be sharing another product/company I am super excited about soon! xo

**Raise them well did not pay me for this review. The products I did receive from them for review but the opinions are my own.

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