Summertime Treats

June 29, 2016

Now that Summer is here, I find myself wanting sweet treats a little more than normal. During the week I am pretty content with a little dark (cacao) chocolate but on the weekend, I want something a little more fun! I usually don't eat any ice cream during the colder months but come Summer, there is nothing like a nice (gluten free) ice cream cone! Lucky for us, the dairy free ice options are endless! Here are some of my latest favorites.


Ice cream made from avocado? Now I've seen everything! I was nervous that this would have an avocado taste, but it doesn't even in the slightest way.


This So Delicious Cashew Milk ice cream (this flavor) is my all time favorite! I am usually a mint chip girl, but this one blows any other flavor out of the water!


NadaMoo is a brand I had been wanting to try for a few years! Unfortunately, I could never find them local. Recently, my Whole Foods started carrying 3 flavors. As I mentioned, I'm a mint chip girl, so this one way right up my alley.


Not interested in ice cream? How about s'mores? Lately, we enjoy sitting outside on the weekends and using our fire pit to roast vegan Dandy's or to make s'mores! Whenever we make these I sing "Anything you can eat, I can eat vegan!" Haha! Seriously though.. Get a load of this..


Here are some other sweet treats I enjoy right now.


These Pure Genius Blondies (they have brownies too), I spotted at Whole Foods. They are great for when you want a baked good but don't want to bake a whole tray!


Emmy's are a staple in my house. They are so flavorful and are easy to take on the go to parties or out to dinner. They even serve as an easy snack for Little A. Good fats, right? ;)

**So Delicious sent me coupons for my ice cream and Emmy's sent me those samples to enjoy. All opinions are always my own. Everything else I purchased at my local Whole Foods market. Don't see them at yours? Ask them to get the product in your store. Usually I ask the manager when I want something, and the next week, they have it!


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