Product Review: Once Upon A Farm

July 1, 2016

I love sharing new (to me) products that I really truly love and Once Upon a Farm is one of them! A few months ago, when Baby S was just starting on solids, I came across these smoothie packs in the fridge section of Whole Foods. From the looks of the package (organic, non gmo, HPP), I right away got excited. Once I grabbed one to read the ingredients, I got even more excited! A baby food that met my high standards? SCORE! 

I want my kids to have the best start, which for me means breastmilk and organic healthy Plant-based food. When Little A was a baby, I only gave her homemade food. There wasn't any baby food that met my standard a, she didn't have anything packaged until she was 2! Everything she ate, I made. With Baby S, I find myself looking for more convenient stuff. We are on the go a lot and carrying around homemade baby food isn't easy. Plus I am always worried about it spoiling, especially now that the weather is warm. Baby S is still mostly breastfed but now that she is exploring more food, I am looking for easy, quality options. I wasn't pleased with what I found on the shelves and one day I spotted the Once Upon a Farm packages in the refrigerator at Whole Foods. I was so happy with what I read: all organic, non gmo, vegan and high pressure processed! High pressure processed (HPP)  means they aren't cooked at a high heat so all the colors, aromas, textures and nutrients are intact making for optimal taste and nutrition. Because they are not pasteurized, I know that can sound scary to some but they adhere to the highest safety standards and each batch is individually tested to ensure quality and safety. The package is 100% recyclable and BPA, phthalate and PVC free. 
There are no concentrates or preservatives. Now this is a product that meets my standards! 


There is a big difference in quality compared to the shelf stable baby food. I have squeezed out other brands and none have come close to Once Upon a Farm. I have also done a taste test and I can honestly say that I would eat the ones from Once Upon a Farm, the others have that baby food taste where Once Upon a Farm tastes like when I make the food myself. Baby S gives them two thumbs up too. These are the only packaged baby food she seems to like. But I use the term "baby food" loosely because these are great for the whole family! 


You can buy Once Upon a Farm pouches on their site (and receive a free insulated bag with your first purchase):

or locate locally here:



Thanks to Once Upon a Farm for making such a high quality baby product. Other companies will have to up their game to compare. 


**Once Upon a Farm sent me the packaged  pictured but all opinions are my own. 




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