Fourth of July Weekend

July 6, 2016

Hi! I hope you had a nice Fourth of July my American friends! Everyone else, I hope you enjoyed your weekend! We celebrated the 4th with epic food all weekend! 

 Friday night, I put together overnight oats to have on Saturday morning. If you don't know what that is, google, you will find a ton of recipes! I used Love Grown's super oats which they had sent me, they have quinoa flakes, amaranth, gluten free oats and chia seeds. I made mine festive by topping with blueberries, frozen cherries, bananas and coconut flakes. 

 We had a ton of errands to run since Baby S' birthday party is less than two weeks away! We stopped at Wegmans to order some platters for the party. I grabbed a veggie rice paper roll and kombucha for lunch.

 When we got home I relaxed with another kombucha that T picked up for me. This one had turmeric in it, it was super good!

 We had my nieces and bro-in-law and sis-in-law over for some vegan gluten free s'mores! I am not a fan of Dandies because they have carrageenan in them which tends to bother my stomach so I used banana! Just as yummy! 

 I picked up these O'Dough gluten free vegan bagel flats at Wegmans and they are so good!!! I haven't found a gluten free bagel that I like and these definitely fit the bill! I had some Miyoko's vegan butter on it and a green smoothie on the side.

 Sunday morning we headed to the Ramsey Farmer's Market. This is not nearby so we only go once a year. Well worth the trip, probably the best one in in the state!

 Now for my goodies: organic wild spinach, sorrel and sunflower sprouts..

 I also had a dairy free ice pop! T and Little A had one as well, they had honeydew and watermelon.

 Amazing homemade gluten free vegan rosemary olive bread.. Swoooooon!


 Little A enjoyed some vegan mac and cheese that T and her agreed was the best ever! Since it wasn't gluten free, I didn't try! :( Baby S had blended watermelon in her watermelon outfit!

 For dinner I made BBQ Jackfruit from The Jackfruit Co on a gluten free bun with pickles, lettuce, kraut and Hampton Creek ranch dressing with a sized of sweet potato rounds.

 More goodies I got at the Farmer's Market: Adams Chocolate bars which have only two ingredients and gluten free vegan lime and pecan cookies. We get these every single year, they are pretty much amazing!

 Happy 4th of July!

 I made a sandwich on the bread I got at the Farmer's Market with kraut, sunflower sprouts, hummus and tomatoes.

 FInally, our BBQ meal for dinner: vegan gluten free macaroni salad, a veggie burger (Engine 2 Diet) on a gluten free bagel flat with wild spinach, chipotle mayo from Hampton Creek, tomato and kraut and kabobs made with zucchini, onion, mushrooms, peppers and tofu. T did the grilling, I made the pasta. :)



During the fireworks it was pouring so we only watched for a little from our car. Baby S didn't even get to see them and Little A didn't like how loud they were. She has never been a fan..

Have a nice day!


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