Chocolate Making Fun with BENCHIC

July 8, 2016


For Mother's Day, the little fam got me an adorable chocolate making kit from BenChic. T had found it in an ad on Facebook and knew it would be right up my alley. As much as I loved it, it took me this long to finally make some chocolate! We've been busy! Now that Little A is on Summer vacation, we finally had the chance to make some chocolate! The funny thing is, if I knew how simple it would be, we would of made it sooner! Oops!




The box contains little pockets with ingredients along with a small direction booklet. I loved the humor behind each step such as "now would be a good time to take a selfie", so clever and cute! The ingredients are cacao powder, Lucuma powder, cocoa butter, pure California honey*, almonds (optional add in) and coconut flakes (optional add in). There is also a silicon mold.

I put Baby S in the Ergo so she could be part of the action. Little A did most of the work because she loves to cook, make things, be creative! She pulled her chair right up to the stove and mixed everything in (with my close, watchful eye. She knows the rules for being near the stove and is always very cautious. Again, I am always very close by). We made double what the booklet called for but I really wish we made it all. According to the directions, the chocolate will last 6 months and we would definitely go through it before that. Oh well, we will be sure to make the rest in the near future now that I know how quick and easy it is. My kitchen helper did a wonderful job, I was surprised at how smooth she got the chocolate. They turned out delicious and I'm sure her extra love helped.


This kit would be a great gift for any chocolate lover and is a fun thing to do with the kids! You can find BenChic here.



*You can substitute honey with agave, coconut nectar or bee free honey if you prefer.

**This BenChic box was a gift and I was not paid or given any product from the company. We enjoyed it so much that I had to share with you all!

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