Baby S' Watermelon Themed First Birthday Party!

July 21, 2016



My internet has been out for almost a week and I've been wanting to get this post up since Sunday! We finally got internet back yesterday so here I am!



This past Saturday Baby S turned one! We celebrated with a watermelon themed party in our backyard with all our family and friends! The day was perfect, everyone had a great time, the food was delicious and love was all around for my baby girl. Mid party we got a horrible storm where it downpoured and was thundering and lightening (and it wasn't in the forecast). Luckily, this was in between food and dessert so not much was lost. We all ran inside and finished the party up in there like nothing happened. We had an awesome clown who did magic, balloon animals and face painting. The day was pure magic just as I envisioned (minus the rain) and now I have a one year old!


I will post her 12 month update soon, but for now, here are some highlights from our watermelon fun party!


 Although the party wasn't 100% vegan, I would say it was 90% vegan. We have a few people who probably wouldn't show up if we didn't accommodate them and since they are older relatives, we oblige. If it was up to me, the party would of been all vegan. We did have a no soda policy, I wasn't budging on that! ;) Anyway, here are some of the goodies I got for the grill!

 I had my nails painted to look festive! 

 Of course there was watermelon!

 These were the goodie bags that Little A and I put together. I printed the stickers on the bag from Etsy. (Here is a great tip, you can get tons of awesome printed items on Etsy for only a few dollars if you print yourself! I already had labels so I just had to cut these out.. Well, Little A did, hence why they aren't "perfect". I think these cost me maybe $3 because her name was on them). I drew the seeds on myself. Hehe!

 I set up a "photobooth" for people to take pictures in. I had props and a special hashtag, this turned out to be a nice touch! The banner has all of Baby S' monthly photos on it, I got that at Party City.


 We rented tables and order balloons from Party City.

 I found this confetti on Amazon, it was pineapples and watermelons, close enough!

 Watermelon and "1" balloons were scattered in my yard.


Snack and beverage table: sangria, watermelon lemonade, chips, pretzels, tortilla chips and veggie straws, all organic.


 We had so much yummy food.. TOO MUCH! We had to have family over the next day to finish it all! My sister made the vegan gluten free pasta salad and I got this sign on Etsy. 

 Another Etsy creation was this first birthday sign, this was actually a print out that I had made and then ordered it on a poster board at Walgreens.


I made the bean salad and quinoa salad. I would share recipes if I had, but I sorta just winged it. I did look on Pinterest for some ideas and took a little from a few different recipes.

 We got a few platters from Wegmans. This was veggie wraps and a Mediterranean platter that had hummus, edamame salad, olives, peppadew peppers, pita bread and dolmas. 

 We also had a veggie sushi platter made at Wegmans.

 And a veggie platter with hummus. Wegmans did a really nice job, we will use them again! I found the plates and napkins at Costco and the utensil holders was another Etsy find. The glass watermelon bowls were from The Christmas Tree Store.


Let's just say, I had been on the hunt for watermelon stuff for quite some time! 

 My veggie burger on lettuce with vegan cheese and mustard and a tofu dog on a gluten free bun with sauerkraut, relish and mustard.

 Here is Baby S' throne! I got the bib, One sign and party hat on Etsy and the crown at Party City.

 Baby S enjoyed some broccoli and avocado while she amused her guests!

 The birthday girl and I! 


 Baby S wore a dress that was given to her as a gift after she was born. I knew it would be for the following Summer, but I had no idea she would wear it for her special day. The watermelon bow was also a gift.

 We had a bean bag toss, plus our swing set and Lulu The Clown to entertain the kids!

 Little A enjoyed being Lulu's helper at one point in her magic show.

 Baby S watched Lulu and actually sat still for more than a second, that may be her record! 

 Lulu also did face painting and tattoos for the kids. This was after the storm when we had to move everyone inside. Little A got her name in a rainbow on her arm and a butterfly mask on her face. She loved that!

 I tried to hold Baby S so she could get a little watermelon painted on. This was the best we got!

 Lulu's final performance was making balloons for the kids. Little A got a Frozen wand.


 Photobooth with my family. 

 This cake was NOT vegan. A friend had made for us for the party and it was simply gorgeous.

 Everyone said it was delicious. 

 My Sis-in-law was kind enough to make gluten free vegan cupcakes! This is what Little A and I enjoyed! They were delicious too!

 My girls and I.


Little A wore a dress I found on Amazon of all places! The headband was part of her ballet costume this year and she found a watermelon charm necklace in Target for the final touch. My dress was a few years old, I actually wore it to a graduation party once but I couldn't pass up wearing it again because it was the perfect shade of green. I bought it at Marshalls.

 Baby S had her own special smash cake...Err..Fruit! She had fresh watermelon to get messy with. ;)

 The day flew by, but I cherished every second and will always remember the magical first birthday Baby S had. My heart is full of love and joy for my family and I feel like the luckiest person alive.



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