Baby S' (Final) 12 Month Update

July 25, 2016

Baby S is one!!  I totally want to cry that this is her 12 month update! I think I'll do one more after this for her "year old update". This will be her 12 month. So I'll share a year update soon, I just like the idea of making one more! I can prepare myself! Haha! I will make this one like a normal monthly update and I'll make the year one more of an over all on her first year of life. I'll share that very soon. So anyway, this month flew by again, this entire year has gone by in the blink of an eye. This past month has been busy and Baby S is definitely leaning more on the side of toddler than baby now. We are still actively nursing and I don't plan on stopping until she self weans. I went 3 years with Little A so I don't think she'll be ready to wean anytime soon. She is eating more of a variety but most of her diet is mainly breastmilk.


Things We Did/Milestones:

Running, Climbing, On the Go! Baby S is totally on the go now. No more crawling at all and she runs! She walks really well and never falls anymore. I can't believe how fast that happened. I feel like Little A was wobbly for longer!


First Green Smoothie: We were in Whole Foods one afternoon and I got myself a green smoothie (mango, bananas, spinach, coconut water) and I let Baby S try and she loved! She kept pulling my arm for more!


First Father's Day: On Father's Day we went to a local big nursery and walked around and stopped at the health food store. Pretty low key!


First Fourth of July: We had a wash out but watched the fireworks from the car. I'm not sure she knew what was going on because she was backwards in her car seat since we were driving around most of the time to keep her happy! Haha!


First Time in A Pool: Last Summer we did go to the pool a few times while she napped, covered in her carriage. This year she finally got her feet in the water! I let her walk in the baby area, while holding my hands and she was trying to run in! She likes sitting on my lap, splashing and kicking her feet.


Drinks from a Straw: This took a couple tries, but she has it down now!

Eating Beans and Grains: I held off on grains really until this past week. Baby S had some gluten free oats in a smoothie and some Millet that I had cooked. She loved both! She has been eating beans more often now and tried chickpeas this month!

Things We Are Loving:

Green Sprouts Cup: This cup is plastic on the outside but the inner part that touches the liquid, is glass. It also comes with three stages of tops: a nipple, sippy cup and straw top. We are in the straw phase now so this is perfect! I fill it with a smoothie before we leave the house and it keeps Baby S happy while we run errands.


Badger Baby Sunblock: We are using this a lot now! I always use this one with Audriana too. I like the ingredients and feel comfortable with using it.


Raise Them Well Hand Sanitizer: (this is an affiliate link) I became an ambassador for this company and every time they send me something to try, I fall in love! I keep this in my beach bag for the pool and when we are out and about!


How I'm Doing:

Having Baby S' first birthday come and go was truly bittersweet. She is so lovable and really showing her personality now. I just want to pause time. I am feeling good, we are still nursing and plan on going until she weans. I am sad to finish these month updates but I will treasure this year in my heart forever.




I promise I'll be posting more food related stuff soon! ;)

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