Recent Eats: Kids and Mommy

July 29, 2016

Hey! Today I am sharing some recent eats from the girls and I. These are just some pictures I had saved on my phone, I thought I would share! 

 Little A made her "food pyramid" with coconut milk, coconut yogurt, vegan chicken nuggets and beans on the bottom, then cereal, donuts, pasta (LOL), fruit and veggies, kale and spinach and apples and lollipops on top. She cracks me up!

 We went on a picnic at the splash park with my nieces and Sis-in-law a few weeks ago. First we stopped at a local health food spot that now carries take out from Seed to Sprout. I had the raw pizza!

 I also had this Teaonic I Love My Skin drink, this was very good, but if I had a Stevia on me, I would of sweetened it a little. My skin has been very crazy lately (hormones?), so I was hoping this may help.

 We also had fresh organic blueberries and cherries to share.

 I tried out Aloha protein powder because they sell the big tubs at Target. I want to compare prices with Sunwarrior, it was actually very delicious!

 Little A loves having a green smoothie in Whole Foods.

 My Sister got Baby S this mat for eating, it's suppose to stick and be impossible for them to lift it, well, it's not BABY S PROOF! LOL! She's a little wild woman! She was eating sweet potato here. Or maybe it was mango? She eats both often.

 Little A had gotten into eating smoothie bowls. This is a good example of being an example and your kids will follow. Now that she is out of school for the Summer, she sees me having my smoothie bowl lunch everyday and always wants to share. So we started making them together for her to enjoy at breakfast. She likes to add organic cereal on top. This one had blueberries, coconut milk, black strap molasses, barley grass juice powder and spinach. On top is Barbara's organic cereal and raisins.

 Similar base on this one but with Love Grown's AWESOME CEREAL MADE FROM BEANS and frozen wild blueberries. I need to get some more toppings because she enjoys picking out what she wants to go on top. It's like making a sundae, but with lots of healthy goodies! Plus, you can sneak things into the smoothie part and they never know! ;)

 Baby S had Young Thai Coconut for the first time and she loved it. I always try to get good fats into my girls at every meal. While Baby S is still nursing, she also has avocado and chia seeds often. I would like to get my hands on more Young Thai Coconut meat for them, but it's touch and go and the prices at Whole Foods aren't very good. I think I need to find it already cut out and frozen or buy my coconuts at the Asian market. 

 Little A loves to have a "night snack" before getting ready for bed. This one has carrots, hummus, chia tortilla chips and black olives.


Finally, for when I need a pick-me-up: matcha green tea coconut milk latte. This was from Whole Foods, I transferred it into a pretty mug to enjoy. I need to make these myself. While I only have on a rare occasion (when I am super tired), I do enjoy the ritual.


Have a lovely weekend! XO 

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