Stuff I am Loving: Love Grown Foods

August 10, 2016

I love sharing new finds that I love with you all in hopes to support a great product that I believe in and approve of for myself and my family.


A few months ago I stumbled across Love Grown cereals in Whole Foods. The cute box, that was totally attractive to Little A, looked like a "regular" kids cereal box. I noticed the front said "made from beans" and I quickly grabbed to check out the ingredients. To my delight, their cereal was low sugar, non gmo, vegan, dye free, gluten free, high in protein and made from navy beans, garbanzo beans and lentils! Beans for breakfast? Sounded like an awesome way to sneak more goodness into Little A's diet, but would she like them? I grabbed a box of their Fruity Sea Stars in hopes she would not only like the box, but actually enjoy the cereal. When I got home, I opened it right away to try. You can imagine my excitement when Little A and I both LOVED! They tasted like Fruit Loops and Fruity Pebbles! What a blast from the past! We went through the box fast. Little A enjoyed them with coconut milk, on top of coconut milk yogurt, in smoothie bowls and for a snack to take on the go. Once we finished the box, I grabbed the other two flavors that my Whole Foods carries and again, they were a home run! I emailed the company to gush about my love for such an awesome quality product. I really can't think of any other cereal made from beans, it is almost like cheating because they are so good and good for you! The company sent me a "Love Drop" so we could try their other products as well as the ones we already love. Their oatmeals, super oats and oat clusters were all just as delicious! We went through this package pretty fast!

Thank you Love Grown for sending me these goodies and for making such a great "mom approved" product.

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