Weekends: Wedding Fun and Food

August 15, 2016

On Sunday, my Father-in-law got married in Lambertville, NJ. The wedding was so beautiful and at one of our favorite spots, The Lambertville Inn. The temps were in the high 90's but the vibe of the wedding was so good that it didn't matter. Little A danced away, while Baby S slept for a good hour or so. They were both so good and we didn't have any crying or issues the whole day! Haha! That's saying a lot for two kids! Here are some of the highlights from the day in pictures. 






 Family pic! My dress is from Target believe it or not! I kept getting compliments on it all day!

 To start I grabbed some munchies: olives, hearts of palm, peppers, artichoke hearts and dried fruit. I had a few plates like this! ;) I also packed some goodies because weddings can be tough. I brought two square bars for T and I, an oatmeal squeezy, peas, freeze dried fruit, banana and a Once Upon a Farm squeezy for Baby S and a few chocolate squares and vegan cookies for Little A (for cake time!).

 They had a pasta station that didn't have a gluten free option so I asked for all the veggies cooked in tomato sauce. Little A and T had theirs with pasta.

 My girls and I! Little A got this dress from my Grandma and she wore in on Easter (always nice to get more than one use out of a dress). Baby S' was a gift she got when she was born! It was 12 months, also she has a banana in hand. :)

 The beautiful view of the New Hope/Lambertville Bridge. I can't wait to go back. This is one of our favorite places to visit. 


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