Eats from Our Quick Trip to The Shore

August 19, 2016

Since the Summer is winding down, we are trying to make the most out of what is left which meant an impromptu trip to the shore with my girls! T had to work (of course) so Little A, Baby S and I went down to spend the night at my sister's house.

When we got there, it was lunch time and we were all hungry! We decided to head to Seed to Sprout. With two babies and a 5 year old, it was a good thing my sister-in-law met us there! Never a dull moment with all these girls (my sister has a girl too). Little A said she just wanted a smoothie (forgot a pic of that). But of course she ended up picking off of my plate. She loves their marinated kale.

I had the BLT omelette, which of course has no egg (Seed to Sprout is 100% vegan). They make it with tofu and cashews and it's stuffed with greens, tomatoes and their housemade coconut bacon. On the side is millet flax bread and marinated kale. This is pretty much one of my favorite meals of all time. It has the softness and texture of an egg, but not the nasty flavor (haha!).

I also had a Berry Spritzer which was on their specials for the day. This was a mix of Kombucha, ginger, Yerba matte and berries. So refreshing and crisp!

I took a few goodies to go and we headed to my sister's house.

Here I am jumping for joy at the size of the kale in her garden! You can see it behind me along with a bunch of tomatoes.

She made a delicious dinner of roasted veggies from her garden, veggie burgers and a tomato salad. I completely forgot to take a picture, but trust me, it was yummy!

The next day, we woke up ready to head to the beach.


I brought snacks including a Square Bar for myself and coconut milk yogurt, fruit and hummus and veggies for the girls. Little A always get a hot pretzel on the beach (this has become a tradition for her).

I was excited to have my raw pizza I took home from Seed to Sprout for lunch. This is the best raw pizza I've had! I get it often.

We had a nice time with our family and our little trip was a nice break in the week. I hope to get one more trip to the beach in before Summer ends!

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