What I Ate Wednesday

August 24, 2016

Hey! Today I am sharing a "What I Ate" post of everything I ate last Monday. This day was busy with going to the pool and it was very hot out. I also want to note that I am nursing so I am taking in extra calories and fat to keep my baby happy. :)

I always start the day with a glass of water followed by a shot of Aloe Vera juice (George's is the best, it tastes like water!) and a mug of warm lemon and cayenne water while I workout. Some days (more often lately for some reason), I wake up extra hungry so before my workout I'll have a bar. My favorite are Square Bars but I don't buy many at a time so if not that, I'll have one of Little A's Lara Bars (shh, don't tell!). Just a little something to hold me over until after my workout. The reason I workout before eating is because it's easier to get it done while Little A and Baby S are having breakfast. I usually pull Baby S' high chair into our family room and she watches me workout. Little A joins as well once she finishes eating.


After my workout I always have a smoothie. This day I had two glasses like this full (I am out of mason jars that still look good). This was bananas, lettuce greens, durian, barley grass juice powder, vitamin d Drops, Sunwarrior Vanilla Classic Plus Protein, coconut water and black strap molasses.

I spend the rest of the morning getting the girls ready, playing, nursing Baby S and when she goes down for her morning nap, I finally take a shower and get ready. Little A is almost 6 and has no problems occupying herself. She also likes to "help" me put my makeup on.

After that, I make the girls lunch and while they are eating, I make mine! I pretty much have a smoothie bowl every single day. I am obsessed and have been for almost a year now! This day I had bananas, lettuce greens (I change up my greens each week, I bought lettuce greens this week but I also do kale or spinach), frozen mango and water topped with Purely Elizabeth Granola, coconut flakes, buckwheat groats and a little Barney Butter (almond butter). This usually holds me over until dinner believe it or not. Sometimes if I am extra hungry or I know we will have dinner later than normal, I'll add a scoop of Sunwarrior protein. We headed to the pool after this, so I didn't eat again until dinner. I also want to note that I drink a ton of water all day long!


When we got home, T pulled in right behind us with a special treat! He knows I love these Obi Water Kefir Root Beers, so he grabs one when he sees them. I enjoyed this while making dinner.


For dinner, we had a quick and easy one, grilled cheese and tomato soup! The soup was boxed (gasp!), Imagine Organic Tomato and the grilled cheese was Follow Your Heart smoke Gouda on gluten free bread with broccoli sprouts and garden tomatoes. I had two sandwiches and a big bowl of soup!

After dinner, I had a piece of a Sacred Chocolate Bar (forgot to take a pic!). I do this nightly, it is definitely my favorite ritual each day!

Let me know if you like posts like this, I will share more!

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