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September 7, 2016

Hey all! Today I wanted to share some of our favorite books for kids. Little A has a pretty awesome library of books. We have quite a few teachers in the family and they are always gifting her with new and old books. Plus Little A has a wish list that we are always adding new books to. We enjoy reading a few books every night and I look forward to winding down with this ritual (although now that Baby S is on the move, it's become a lot less relaxing). 

In this post I've divided our favorites by categories. I hope I can give you ideas and please share if you like this post! Thanks! 



Favorite Series: We love the Maple books. Maple is a lot like Little A, she was an only child and along came her little sister and she got a friend for life. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, but they love each other a lot and make each other happy. Maple is a little tree hugger too. Gotta love that! ;)



Favorite Yoga Books: These are books that show different moves to learn yoga in a kid friendly way. Little A has been using these books as guides since she was able to walk. 



Favorite Helpful Books: The Invisible String is such a beautiful book that has helped us many times. Whenever Little A is scared to do something without me, we read this book to remind her that even when I am not around, I am still always with her in her heart. We also love "The Kissing Hand" for a similar type of theme. Uni the Unicorn is a magical book that bring the magic of believing to life. Plus, anything with unicorns is always a hit in our house. 



Favorite Spiritual Books: All the books here have been used as guides and props to help Little A develop a spiritual practice. She uses deep breaths, meditates at times with me, has learned lessons in karma and knows that there is power to our thoughts and words. Little A even has her own gratitude journal that we write in every night. I love that she is so profound at such a young age and can only hope she will always be. I am still working on getting there, but we are on this journey together which makes it more magical. 



Favorite Healthy Eating Books: These books have all helped Little A understand why we eat the way we do and why it is important to nourish our bodies with healthy food. Recently she started asking me why she doesn't eat foods that other kids do. I read her That's Why We Don't Eat Animals and she completely understood. She even said she wanted to put the people running factory farms in jail. She already understood the connection between real animals and the animals people eat, but this helped her get a deeper understanding. 

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