Last Beach Fling for The Season

September 21, 2016

We had one last beach week right before Little A went back to school and I thought I'd share..

Before heading down, my parents were actually up at my house. I took my Mom to Whole Foods so she could get some vegan goodies she's been wanting to try. She has been eating a mostly plantbased diet and it's going really well. We grabbed sushi rolls for lunch. I had the fiesta roll which was so good!

We we got down, I took the girls for a walk. We went to the nearby park that I grew up playing at. I have taken them there many times before, but now Baby S is old enough to play.

We woke up bright and early to get a good spot on the beach, after all, this was before Labor Day. I decided to stay ahead of my hydration and drink my Maple Water right away. Maple Water has a ton of nutrients and electrolytes. Something I need with my jpouch.

I also made myself an acai bowl at my Mom's before the beach. This had bananas, acai, chia powder, vanilla vegan protein topped with granola, bananas, cherries and coconut flakes. 

Besides that, I came prepared with lots of snacks! We mostly share all this stuff among my sister, my mom, Little A and I and the Little Ducks bags are for Baby S.

We stayed one more night but didn't head back to the beach. Instead, my sis and I took our baby's to the boardwalk the next morning for a nice hot walk. Before that, I made a delicious breakfast of acai blended with chia seeds, banana and water topped with oats. 

Finally it was time to head home, but not without chocolate! ;)

Until next Summer, beach, we will miss you!

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