Magical Summer: Bushkill Falls, PA

September 4, 2016

This weekend was incredibly fufilling! We soaked in every last drop of Summer before school starts at the end of next week. On Saturday, we took an hour or so car ride to Bushkill Falls in PA. 

I can't really describe how amazing and beautiful this place was. The pictures don't even do it justice. 

The place was packed with people but the hike wasn't crowded at all.


We started at the top and right away we approached this gorgeous waterfall. We walked down flights and flights of stairs, taken in all the views.


I wore Baby S and Little A walked most of the time. On our voyage back up, at had her on his shoulders. 

Flight and flight after flight of stairs. My phone said we walked about 15 flights.


Baby S was in awe, sleepy in the picture, she fell asleep shortly after. 

This looks a lot more dangerous than it was. Below was the wood planked path we walked in between steps.



Every corner was more and more beauty. 

Looking down, to our left and right, beauty surrounded us. 

At the bottom were beautiful creeks and water runs. Once we got there, it was back up! The weather was cooler and it was mostly shady, so the walk up wasn't too bad. I did see people who were taking breaks. They have little benches after each flight.



After the hike, we headed to grab food at the little cafe. I was surprised to see many vegan/healthy options including fresh fruit, hummus and pretzels, spring water, dried organic apricots and prunes, granola bars, Cliff Bars, veggie straws, vegan chocolate chip cookies, hot pretzels, and even a veggie burger on the menu. I had dried apricots and a Square Bar I brought. Little A and T had hot pretzels. Baby S had some freeze dried fruit I brought her. She nursed most of the ride there and home.

Little A was excited for the mining part. You buy bags of sand that have stones hidden and you mine them over a little waterway.  She basically struck gold.. Or a... Quartz? Hehe! 

 Little A's stones!


As you can see, Bushkill Falls is a gorgeous place. We will always treasure this day and hope to return soon! 

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