Food Hauls and Fun Goodies

December 16, 2016

Hi! I've been saving lots of pics of groceries and other goodies I've been buying and receiving lately. So if you like grocery hauls, this is your post!


 This was my cart one day at Whole Foods. I believe this was back in September when I could still get organic strawberries at a good price.

Some yummy Fall goodies. 

Healthy stuff to keep the insides happy.

Goodies I found at a health food store in Princeton, NJ. These Hilary Burgers were the best flavors yet!

Some love from my hubby. He knows Sacred is my favorite chocolate.

Fresh homemade jarred tomato sauce from my Mother-in-law.

SweetLeaf sent me these samples to enjoy. We love the Sweet Drops to add some flavor to our smoothies. 

Holiday stuff. Gotta have nog! We like the Califia one better because it isn't as sweet.

Vegan chocolates from Diana, Duncan and Riley (TripleDandM&M on Youtube). They were so sweet to bring us some delicious chocolate found in England.

Trader Joes haul because ours just recently reopened after being shut down for 8 months after their roof collapsed from snow last Winter. Luckily, no one was inside! 




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