September Lunchboxes and Kid Food

October 7, 2016

Hey! Today I wanted to share some of Little A's lunches from September along with a few other meals the girls had.

Starting with Baby S enjoying a superfood smoothie with organic blueberries (everything posted is always organic, if something isn't, I'll note). This smoothie was spinach, black strap molasses, coconut water, blueberries and barley grass juice powder.

Both girls love these Little Duck Organic freeze dried fruit (Little A ate these instead of "Puffs" as a baby and now Baby S does the same). This flavor happened to be on clearance, so I grabbed a few.

Oatmeal breakfast for Little A: gluten free oats, raisins, maple syrup and frozen cherries.

This was Little A's first ever school lunch: an Amy's gluten free vegan bean and rice burrito (made in the oven because we don't own a microwave), carrots, grapes, dried mango, Made Good granola bites (we love these for a healthy treat, they have vegetables in them.. shhh! Also, Costco carries a big bag of the chocolate and berry bites. I had gotten them there but my Costco recently didn't have them again! Boo! Whole Foods carries them as well but the price isn't as good of course), water and a chocolate coconut milk. I wasn't sure how much she would eat and being that she is a grazer, I packed heavy. Whatever she didn't finish, she brought home and ate after school. You'll notice as this post goes on, I start adjusting to her appetite. I should also mention that her lunch box, thermos, water bottle and reusable bags are all from Amazon. I'll post the links below. Also, each day she has a snack earlier in the day, she picks what she wants from her lunch bag and has one thing (usually the fruit) in the morning.

Another Amy's bean and rice gluten free vegan burrito, baby bell peppers, strawberries, Earth Balance Puffs, water and a chocolate coconut milk.

Left over brown rice and black beans, dried mango, Made Good granola bites, carrots and a Go Go Squeeze organic apple and banana smoothie.

An Amy's bean and rice burrito (same as always, she loves these!), carrots and hummus, a Made Good Granola bar, water and a smoothie that was just watermelon blended. The smoothie container is from Amazon too (linked below).

Another Amy's Burrito, water, carrots and hummus, chocolate coconut milk, Made Good granola bites and watermelon.

Amy's burrito (same), grapes, black olives, a Made Good granola bar and a Go Go Squeeze. Water not pictured.

Baby S' dinner one night: strawberries, quinoa pasta with white beans and lots of Dulse flakes and a garden tomato.

This was organic pasta with tomato sauce (homemade sauce my Mother-in-law jarred and gave us), apples, water, carrots and organic pretzels.

After using plastic baggies for a week or two, I realized that one, I don't like using a lot of plastic for food and two, they are horrible for the environment and I need something we can reuse. That's when I got these reusable bags on Amazon (link below), they have different sizes and characters and I get asked about them EVERY SINGLE DAY on Instagram. So now you know! ;) This day she had baked sprouted organic tofu and hummus on a pita, a Rawxies cookie (use code RAWXIESAMBASSADOR for 20% off!), water, carrots and apples.

Same sandwich as before, Made Good granola bites, carrots, Young Thai Coconut meat and water.

Pasta with sauce (same as before), water, pears, carrots and green olives stuffed with garlic (her favorite, she had to have them!).

Again, same sandwich, a Made Good Granola Bar, carrots, apples and water.

An Amy's bean and rice gluten free burrito (same as the others), water, dried mango, kale chips and apples.

Left over lentils with kale, green olives with garlic, apples, carrots and water.

Same Amy's burrito, romaine lettuce, pretzels, applesauce and water.

Baby S' breakfast, avocado, banana and Little Duck Organic superfoods cereal (no rice but made from different gluten free grains and blueberries).

 Black beans and white rice with cilantro, a Made Good granola bar, carrots, water and kale chips.

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