Starbucks has Almond Milk, The Cinnamon Snail and Sunday Breakfast!

September 12, 2016

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! I am still getting use to our new school schedule and I am still teary eyed every day after I drop off Little A, but we will adjust. She's doing great and is really enjoying it. Baby S and I are having lots of uninterrupted time together which is a plus, but our little team isn't fufilled without Little A around. :(

I signed Little A up for her ballet/tap class at 9am on Saturday mornings, I know, what was I thinking? But it actually isn't too bad. We weren't rushing after school to get there and the day seemed much longer which is exactly what you want for a Saturday. Anyway, before taking her, I made a smoothie with this Brilliance Plant Protein I received. This stuff is so good! Not only does it taste exactly like a vanilla cupcake, but it tastes like one too! Their peanut butter flavor is even better. If you are interested in trying some, check out my Instagram on Tuesday for a giveaway I am hosting with them! @LaurenGinger

Another plus to the early morning ballet/tap, after I got Little A situated, I drove over to the drive thru Starbucks with Baby S. I love a good green tea latte but my issue with Starbucks is that their coconut and soy milk both have not so nice ingredients, including carageenan. I know the verdict is still out, but I won't risk it since it may or may not cause inflammation. Well lucky me, they now have almond milk without it! The ingredients aren't too bad either. Not something I'll have everyday but it will definitely help me look forward to the early wake up call on Saturday mornings. Also, I should note, I get mine unsweetened and I add my own stevia from my purse.

Saturday night we had our usual, pizza! Mine was on a brown rice tortilla with Miyokos cheese, sauce, spinach, peppers, olives, onions and roasted peppers. So good!

Little A wasn't in the mood for pizza so T made her hotdog roll ups. This is just tofu pups wrapped in a spelt wrap with Miyokos cheese and some sauce for dipping. This is definitely s fun treat for Little A because she doesn't usually have overly processed soy like that. ;)

On Sunday morning we headed to my Mother-in-law's for breakfast. She made a delicious vegan meal of tofu scramble, homemade gluten free bagels, potatoes and even gluten free blueberry pancakes for Little A. My Mother-in-law eats vegan so all the food was vegan. So delicious too!

We also hit up the Redbank Farmer's Market while we were down there. T and Little A brought home vegan donuts from the Cinnamon Snail and I got a gluten free vegan blondie from there.

Besides that, T got roasted peppers, hot peppers and some semolina bread. The guy gave him a freebie because he "liked him". Ha. We also got beautiful sunflowers and my Mother-in-law gifted us some of her homemade jarred tomato sauce.

Have a lovely Monday! :)

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