Fall Favorites

October 21, 2016

Hi! Today I'm sharing my "Fall Favorites". I thought this would be a fun new series each season. If you like the idea, let me know!

My Whole Foods recently started carrying Forager organic cashew milk yogurts and they are so yummy! Baby S and I share a few each week. They are so creamy and full of flavor.

My one of my favorite chocolates are Fine and Raw and again, my Whole Foods started carrying it recently. The almond chunky is so amazing!

Little A loves fun shaped pasta for her school lunch. These are dinosaurs but there are Halloween themed ones too. Just make sure they don't have squid ink in the ingredients (I know.. ewwwwwww).

Add all this to a blender and you have my next favorite..

It wouldn't be Fall without pumpkin spice smoothies!

Yogurt bowls have been a weekend treat. I use Forager yogurt, fresh fruit, pumpkin spice, walnut butter and Purely Elizabeth pumpkin granola (another favorite).

Hay Rides that are kid friendly (not too scary). This one had an assortment of Disney character signs along with a few "scary" mannequins. Hehe!

Roasted vegetables including potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash.. yum!

I especially like adding roasted potatoes to top off lentils or hearty soups.

Hiking is a favorite all year, but in the fall there is something even more special in the air. Little A and my niece walking over a "bridge" while hiking one day. It's so cute how careful they were, the bridge wasn't scary to us at all, but to them, it was an adventure to conquer!

I'm so excited to grow my own organic sprouts! I haven't tasted them yet, but I love this sprouter and can't wait to get the goodness of sprouts in my body (for much cheaper than the grocery store).

More chocolate, yes, but mostly this Humm Kombucha that I found at Target. These two are my favorite of all their flavors. I do like a more "boochy" booch, but these are refreshing. As for the chocolate, not my favorite but was on sale at Target, 2 for $5 along with the Kombucha and this is my favorite combo.

Crazy Sexy Love Notes by Kris Carr. These are so beautiful (I love Lori Portka's artwork). I keep them near my back door and grab one every day before I head out to take Little A to school. She has her own angel cards for kids (by Doreen Virtue) that she pulls every morning.

My last Fall Favorite is a new TV show: This is Us. If you loved Parenthood as much as I did, you'll love this show. It airs weekly but you can catch up online. Totally gives me all the feels each week.


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