Being a Conscious Parent

September 14, 2016


I have always felt drawn to conscious parenting in an unconscious way. When I parented in a way that didn't feel right to me, I recognized it and corrected it. I'm sure most parents my age were probably not parented very consciously. We were parented in a way that our parents were and their parents were and so on. Not much changed down the line unless someone recognized that doing things the way they were taught didn't feel right to them. That's me, I never felt connected to the need to be the parents mine were. Don't get me wrong, I love my parents, but as someone who is well aware of my own feelings and how I felt growing up, I needed to change the course. 


They light up my life in every way. Each day isn't easy, but we get through it together as a family. 

Little A is a lot like me. She is very sensitive and very much in touch with her feelings. I have always parented her as if she was me as a child. I tell her the things I needed to hear, see and do. This just happened to be in a conscious way. I have never read a book on Conscious Parenting, this just happened to be the way I naturally felt to parent. 

Proud of my girls. 


Being a Conscious Parent means that you are mindful in how you speak and teach your kids. I wouldn't just send her to her room or tell her she is bad. I want to know why she is acting out and what the problem is deep down. Anytime that we've gone through a cycle of out of character behavior, there was always a root to it. Sometimes a bad day at school, or maybe too little sleep, eating the wrong foods, not enough time outside, etc. etc. Kids are people just like us. I want to raise mine up to be aware of their behavior towards others and to be able to see their mistakes and fix them. 

Cuddles during a thunderstorm. 


I treat my children as individuals. If they don't like something that I do or vice versa, I embrace it instead of making them feel bad for their choices. I want to raise children who know who they are and are confident in their choices. 

They love each other so much. Such a strong loving bond already. They aren't afraid to show love to others and each other 


I say sorry often. Kids need to hear that. At first this was hard for me. I felt that saying sorry meant the other person won, or that I wasn't teaching them a lesson because apologizing made me look like I was letting something slide. But that's not the truth at all. When you apologize you do win, you are stepping up and being present enough to admit you were wrong. In turn your child sees that and will do the same in the outside world. No ego attached. 

I'm not perfect, far from it. Trying to go against the grain of what I know is not easy at all. Being taught something through experience one way, and turning it around to another. This takes a lot of work and patience. I make mistakes a lot, and every day I learn more and more about myself through parenting. We must strive to do better and be better and we will create better.

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