Weekends: NY Renaissance Faire

September 19, 2016

I hope you had a nice weekend! We took a trip to the New York Renaissance Faire. This was about an hour away from us and we purchased tickets ahead and didn't have to wait in line. Set up on a large property with water running behind the venue, it was pretty amazing. So much to do, lots of sites to see and many people walking around in character. Besides from the people working there, people visiting often wear costume to really play the part.

This was after our eventful day, Little A had her hair braided and T got her a rose.

Not to be left out, Baby S tried on princess hats and laughed about it.

They had a bunch of games to play along with tons of food stands, rides (since this was the medieval times, they were manual), lots of stuff for sale including pottery, incense, bath salts (potions), hats, horns, costumes, flower crowns, etc etc. Little A enjoyed some archery.

T had a spiked apple cider, Little A had a hot pretzel and I grabbed a pickle at a little stand there weren't any lines at these stands but for real food, the lines were ridiculous. They had one stand that had falafel, stuffed grape leaves and hummus and had a sign that said "vegan and gluten free". The line was about 45 minutes long and that wasn't happening with two kids. Oh well.. Good thing I had some Square Bars in my purse!

Little A chose the "Rapunzel" braid to have done on her hair. She also had the girl add flowers and glitter. She loved that!

A flower crown was a must! Just like the snap chat filter!

Little A was very brave and stood with a few characters and even responded to conversation they started with her. This "wench" came up to her as she was waiting in line for archery.

Baby S enjoyed Little A's flower crown too.

Swinging away on one of the manual rides. She came off very dizzy!

Here are a couple videos from the day:






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