Weekends: Fun and Food at The Shore

September 25, 2016

Hi there! I hope you had a lovely first weekend of Fall. The weather has cooled down to as low as I want it to go. ;) 70 is the perfect temp for me!

On Saturday, I made a delicious smoothie for breakfast: Pecan Malk (a cold pressed nut milk), pumpkin, bananas, pumpkin spice, black strap molasses, barley grass juice powder, vitamin c powder and turmeric.

We headed to the shore to visit family which meant a stop at Dean's market for lunch. I had a coconut bowl which is basically an acai bowl but made with young Thai coconut.

I also had a Buchi kombucha. On our way to a bazaar in Asbury Park.

Boardwalk fun in Asbury.

When we got home I made escarole and bean soup for dinner. This always goes over well around here n

Sunday morning we were up bright and early (when are we not).. We headed to Home Depot for a new water filter system.

There's been a lot of talk and news stories about chromium-6 being in our drinking water. This is a cancer causing chemical made notable by Erin Brokovich. No Bueno! We usually use our fridge to filter water but apparently that's not good at all. My favorite method is fresh spring water which isn't easy to drive and get weekly since it's an hour away. So we will use this Zero Water filter which gets rid of everything (nothing less than 99.2%). Natural News named in the best pitcher in their tests for contaminants. Hopefully next week we will forage our own spring water but this is great to hold us over when inbetween.

For dinner I made a big pot of quinoa chili. T made jalapeño cornbread and even cut me a heart! He are so corny! No pun intended. Hehe!

Have a lovely day! 

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