Ritual with Little A and other Fun Stuff!

January 15, 2016


I wanted to share a fun ritual that Little A and I started doing together recently. Since Baby S' arrival, Little A has been so understanding, helpful and patient. She never once complained that I don't get to spend as much time alone with her. In fact, when I offer to do things alone with her, she wants to include Baby S. I hope it is always this way. I try to make time a few nights a week to have Mommy/Little A time. Lately, our special thing is having tonics together, alone, downstairs in the evening while T is upstairs with Baby S. I make her a cup of "Cocoa Mojo" and reishi and I make myself a tonic with Dandy Blend, stevia drops, reishi and coconut creamer. We sit and talk and really take time together. It is really relaxing before bed and ends the day of a happy note.



We also do little projects together when T is home and time allows. Most of the time, she makes dinner with me but we also do fun projects like painting a fairy house (she got for a Christmas gift) or I let her "do my makeup". We plays games. Lately we love the Yoga Garden game (another Christmas gift).



She is very artistic and creative with a heck of an imagination, so playing with her is easy. She makes it fun!

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