Baby S' 6 Month Update!

January 18, 2016

On Saturday, Baby S turned 6 months old! Half a year has just flown by! Baby S is such a calm, sweet, loving baby that the days are full of joy. Her personality is really showing now and she's become funny, curious, active and very affectionate. She's definitely a Momma's girl! So I'm just eating that up! I love watching her explore the world around her and take it all in. She's very alert to her surroundings and a little distracted. She can't wait to crawl and is starting to move like she's going to do so soon. Teething has become a thing, just waiting for them to pop up! At 6 months, most start solids but I like to wait until I feel my baby is ready. With Little A that was at almost 8 months and even then, food is just for exploring, breastmilk is still her number one staple in her diet. Little A wasn't really having meals until she was over a year old. I'm waiting for Baby S to show some teeth and start to show interest in eating. Right now, I haven't seen either happen. She's still such a happy baby who hardly cries. Her whole family is in love with her. My little love bug.





Things We Did/Milestones:


Sitting up: Baby S is now sitting up on her own. She can't stay sitting for a long time, but she has it down now. No more leaning forward while sitting.



First Christmas: She doesn't understand Christmas, obviously, but she sure loved everyone holding her and being with new faces. Plus all the new fun toys she plays with now!


First New Years: Baby S slept through the ball dropping, and her New Year's Day was relaxing.


Knows her Name: A few family members pointed this out to me on several occasions. I didn't even notice, but they were right! She looks when she hears her name.


Celebrated my Grandfather's 90th Birthday: We went to a family party at a restaurant for this. Baby S didn't mind being passed around by all different Italian faces! Haha! She loved every second!

First time in a Highchair: Although she isn't eating, it's nice having her sit in her highchair with us while we eat.

Stuff We Are Loving:


The Cozy Cover: Keeping warm when going in and out of the car! The weather has been very cold, so using this with a blanket and hat has been keeping her nice and warm.


Excersaucer: This was Little A's, and we are getting a lot of use out of it again. Baby S plays in it while I make dinner.


Activity Seat: This was a Christmas gift we are getting a lot of use out of. It's like a Bumbo seat but with an activity tray. We had a Bumbo with Little A, but it was boring and didn't have fun stuff to do like this one does. Baby S loves sitting in it, it keeps her busy and tires her out.

How I'm Doing:

Christmas put a halt in my weigh loss but this week I am down another pound so things are rolling again. The cold weather has me not wanting to do anything. Haha! But I have been sticking with my smoothie for breakfast and smoothie bowl lunch even though I leave to take Little A to school before lunch. I usually want something warm if I've been in the cold but smoothie bowls are so comforting to me, that I can't eat anything else!

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