Baby Weekend and Snow!

January 20, 2016

Hi! This past weekend was an exciting one and I wanted to share! I hope you enjoy!

 Friday was a normal Friday, did my grocery shopping, came home starving! HAHA! Luckily, I had left of rice and beans in the fridge so I quickly heated them up and put it over romaine with some olives and salsa for a filling lunch. 

 For dinner I made roasted sweet potato and regular potatoes, chickpeas, Hilary's Eat Well Bites, hummus, guacamole and baby lettuce to dip! 

 My newest niece (and first from my side) was born early Saturday morning (on Baby S' half birthday), so I got to meet her! I stopped at From Seed to Sprout first to grab lunch to bring my sis and for Little A and I. Little A had vegan pancakes and I had the most amazing, delicious thing ever, their BLT Omelet. This is made with cashews and tofu with coconut bacon and roasted potatoes with marinated kale. I need to figure out how they made this so darn good!

 My newest niece and God-daughter, Sofia. 

 I got home late and we were hungry! So I whipped up these super simple tempeh wraps.

 I just sauteed tempeh with carrots and celery in olive oil and Coconut Aminos then stuffed it into lettuce with guacamole and kraut.

 Sunday morning, T ran to Papa Ganache (an all vegan and some gluten free bakery) again for a yummy family breakfast (and cupcakem biscotti and brownie for after dinner). Their donuts and croissants are amazing! 

 For lunch we kept it light with veggie rolls from Whole Foods. This is the Fiesta roll which has scallion, sweet potato and avocado inside and black rice on the outside. So good! The dressing it like a mayo (but vegan). We took lunch in the car on the way to IKEA. Little A's room is finally finished so she needed a dresser! Let me know if you want me to share a tour of her new room! :)

 And finally, we got our first little dusting of snow for the season, which meant Baby S' first snow! We dressed her up and sat her in it but she really didn't know what to think. I think she was afraid to move in the snow suit. Reminds me of the boy in A Chirstmas Story. So cute! Little A is an old pro, she loves playing in the snow in her new Frozen snow boots she got for Christmas. 


The next few weekends should be fun as we will celebrate T's birthday and then mine! I may need to hit up From Seed to Sprout on mine! ;)


Have a nice day!


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