Recipe: Fairy Tea (plantbased, beegan, kid-friendly)

January 8, 2016

We are working on keeping our immune system in tip top shape this flu season. Which means lots of healthy rituals, some that are yummy, others, not so much. I plan on sharing everything that we've been doing but for now I wanted to share an easy recipe that Little A enjoys. I have these Gaia Kids Herbal Drops and she is not a fan so I thought of this fun idea and she drinks it every time! I think if you call anything "fairy, unicorn or princess" to Little A, she'll eat/drink it. So, out of that "Fairy Tea" was born! Add a pretty tea cup and she was sold! I think the warm water and honey help the drops go down better plus, the idea that this is what Fairies drink.


Fairy Tea (Beegan, plantbased, kid friendly)

A dropper full of Gaia Kids Herbal Drops
Warm water
1 tbsp of local raw honey

Add drops and honey to a pretty little tea cup and pour warm water over.

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