Weekends: World of Wings and Veggie Heaven

October 10, 2016

Hey! I hope you had a lovely weekend! We've been soaking up Fall and all its glory.

T brought home two surprises this week for me: a Rebbl Maths Latte and my favorite, Sacred Chocolate!

We had Blaze Pizza, gluten free with all the veggies one. Iffy.

Kicked off the weekend with a new to me Kombucha. This one is a little sweeter than I like.

I made gluten free quinoa pasta with sauce and arugula. I also added in a gluten free soy free Yeah Dawg (the best).

Saturday was mostly errands, I made an easy lunch of baked tofu with tomatoes, hummus and arugula on a gluten free English muffin.

My new weekend breakfast has been Forager Cashew Milk yogurt with Purely Elizabeth granola, pumpkin spice, walnut butter and a banana.

On Sunday we had our fun day. We took a trip to World of Wings in Teaneck, NJ. The place was kind of small, but had a lot to look at and do. Little A and Baby S really enjoyed it. Above are a bunch of cocoons! How cool?

My favorite part was the atrium where there were butterflies flying free around the room.

We got to watch an employee let free a bunch of new butterflies that had never flown yet. It was pretty cool! I couldn't figure out if I wanted one to land on me or not. Haha. I was nervous but it was so awesome!

My girls and I in the atrium.

Butterflies eat fruit and sugar water! Yay for vegan bugs! Haha!

Little A loves birds so butterflies were just as fascinating to her.

Sisterly love! Rain boots, for a rainy cold day!

When we left it was after lunch time, I did a quick search and found Veggie Heaven was close by! An all vegan oriental food restaurant.

We ordered take out and enjoyed it when we got home. I had broccoli with tofu and rice. It isn't often I have Chinese food, so this was a nice treat!

After that, I felt like something healthy and warm, so I made a tonic! Yay for tonic weather (looking for the pluses of cold weather coming). This was Dandy Blend, CocoMojo, coconut milk and reishi. 

For dinner I made a pot of pasta fagioli (I believe the recipe is on here, search the recipe tag). Little A helped with this one. She's the best little cook!


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