Vegan Lunchboxes and Kid Food October

November 4, 2016

Hey! Today I'm sharing vegan school lunches and kid food for the month of October. I hope you enjoy, and if so, please share!

This lunch box was an Amy's organic gluten free vegan bean and rice burrito, raisins, carrots, water and Made Good Granola Bites.

This was Earth Balance vegan mac and cheese, freeze dried strawberries and bananas, water and apples.

Left over gluten free pasta with sauce and white beans, carrots, Annie's fruit gummies, apples and water.

Earth Balance vegan mac and cheese, hummus and carrots, water and apples.

Sandwich of baked tofu, hummus and lettuce on made from a scratch (at Whole Foods) Italian bread, apples, a GoGoSqueeze apple and banana sauce and water.

A gluten free vegan Amy's bean and rice burrito, apples, baby bell peppers and Annie's gummies.

Same sandwich as earlier, kale chips, Annie's gummies, water and pears.

Hummus and lettuce on the from scratch bread, dried mulberries, carrots, water and apples.

Leftover gluten free pasta with sauce and white beans, strawberries, apples and dried mulberries.

Baby S eating freeze dried bananas and strawberries and raw fermented sauerkraut.

The girls sharing an apple!

I made peppers stuffed with quinoa, red beans, corn and Miyoko's cashew cheese and shaped Little A's as a jack-o-lantern.

Two kid parties in one day! I made Little A food to bring ahead of time. This Amy's pizza in her favorite and the Mo Pweez cupcakes are vegan and gluten free.

Same sandwich bread with hummus and lettuce; olives, carrots and celery, Annie's gummies and dried mulberries.

Whole Spelt Sourdough bread (I like the company Bread Alone with only 4 ingredients) with hummus and lettuce; carrots, apples and dried mulberries.

Kite Hill Almond Milk Cream Cheese and lettuce  on the same same bread; a Made Good granola bar, apples and carrots. Water not pictured. 

Same sandwich, kale chips, Annie's gummies, water and apples. 

Halloween Lunch: Amy's gluten free vegan burrito, garlic stuffed olives (aka "eyeballs"), baby peppers, apples and a water. 

Same sandwich with organic tortilla chips, Annie's Gummies, water and apples. This was her lunch after her Halloween party. She wanted a couple fun snacks since she wasn't partaking in the candy corn after her parade. 


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