The Switch Witch and How We are Celebrating Halloween This Year

October 17, 2016


Hi!  As you know, my family eats a vegan/plant based diet, but we don't skip out on special treats once in awhile. With Halloween coming up, I wanted to share what our plan is for this year. Last year, I shared all about how we usually celebrate. This year, we are doing something different.. Right after Halloween last year, I found out about The Switch Witch from Ellen Fisher's YouTube channel. Little A has been obsessed with watching her son celebrating Halloween ever since. She is super excited for the Switch Witch to pay her a visit this Halloween.


The Switch Witch is a fun tale about a witch who comes at night to take your Halloween candy and replace it with fun treats and little toys. The child gets to experience trick-or-treating, without the GMO filled junk candy. Little A is more excited to get a few small toys and maybe some organic vegan chocolate and candy, than the idea of eating "real" candy. This year she wanted to do the real trick-or-treat thing, but with a visit from The Switch Witch. She will go door to door and collect candy but leave it out for the Switch Witch to come and switch it for her. She knows that if she eats any of it, The Switch Witch won't come. As of right now, she has zero interest in eating any of the real candy. I honestly feel like the idea of going door to door is more exciting than the candy. Haha!


You can also use the l Switch Witch book and doll if you want to go all out. Little A hasn't seen it advertised, so we are keeping it simple this year. I will print out one of the many Switch Witch poems to leave with her goodies. If you google "Switch Witch Poem" you will see the many options.

As for what I'll do with the candy, her dentist collects candy from kids yearly for a prize. I will just donate it to them, I am not sure what happens to the candy, but this was another great option for those that don't want their kids eating it. You can check your town to see if anyone collects candy for donation.


Another great new Halloween tradition is The Teal Pumpkin Project. If you are handing out non candy or allergy friendly items, you can put a teal pumpkin on your porch so kids with allergies (or diet preferences), know they can come to your house for something they can have. Also great for those treat-or-treating to look for. I know I'm going to be on the look out for teal pumpkins. You can even look at the registry to see what houses in your area have signed up to have a teal pumpkin. 

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