My Life Goal

October 26, 2016

I felt inspired to share this the other night on Instagram and I thought it would be nice to share here. My girls are 5 (Little A will be 6 on Thanksgiving) and 15 months old. Both girls have been plantbased since conception, breastfeed (big girl until she was 3, little girlie is still going strong), cosleep (big girl wanted her own bed before her sis was born), I practice attachment parenting, gentle parenting and we teach them to be who they are. My big girl has been extremely independent since a young age, has a plentiful amount of friends (kids call her name from across the school yard at pick up each day), are loving and EXTREMELY affectionate, never have had issues with hitting, or even jealousy with each other. Why am I telling you all of this? Because each day I wake up and feel so much gratitude. I've created two lovable, joyous little girls and I hope they stay this way forever. The world can make us jaded but when I look at their love and innocence for each other and for the big wide world around them, it makes me want to change the world so it can be better for them. I'm not perfect in anyway but trying to be the change and raising conscious kids who don't need to be "fixed" is my life's mission.

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