3 Years Of No Colon Still Rollin': What I am Doing to Stay Healthy

November 8, 2016

Today marks the 3 year anniversary of having my colon removed. If you don't know my story, you can read it all in the link in my ABOUT section. 

Every year I like to reflect on what this year has brought me and how I am feeling. This year wasn't much different from the last, busy, busy with two kids and just trying to balance it all. But most importantly, I am healthy. I had a "pouchoscopy" back in June that showed mild inflammation in my pouch. This sent me on a worried spiral of "what ifs". My doctor had started me on high dose probiotics to help the issues and my inflammation numbers returned to normal. Phew. I did start to have some mild issues again this past September. My insurance decided to stop covering my probiotics and during the fight to get them to cover again, my stomach started acting up. No where near as bad as it was back in the day, but just some minor, out of the normal, issues. My insurance did not end up covering the probiotic so I started taking a new one and just upped the dose they suggest. Since doing this, I'm back to no issues at all. In fact, it only took 5 days of high dose probiotics for my body to start acting normal again. I truly believe in probiotics and I have seen them work with my own eyes. 


This year has also been a fun one, Little A is now in kindergarten, Baby S is a year old, we are coming together very nicely as a family. I am truly answering my calling by raising these two magical girls. I am so glad I can do it hands on and by being able to be active with them. Instead of watching from the couch, or always in pain, worrying about what the next second will bring. I am lucky to have T as my rock, things aren't always perfect, but he never shows me any doubt that things will be okay. He is hands on and amazing with the girls, and takes care of me in a way no one ever has.


I'm seeing my GI this week for a routine check up. I'm sure she'll take blood and grill my on how I am doing. Hopefully my numbers are still in range, because I am feeling great. I have a lot of energy and find it easy to keep up with two kids. I am exhausted at the end of the day, but during the day, I don't find it hard to keep up. Plus, I don't use any caffeine or stimulants, so I have to believe it's my diet and lifestyle. 

Keeping it healthy..

Since Baby S has been born, I've been all about eating what makes me happy. I always keep it vegan, but not necessarily healthy. I was just so sick of being so careful with what I ate for so long, that it was time to relax. I dropped my ideals of eating high raw or all raw and starting enjoying food again. The past couple of weeks I am finding myself drawn to veggies and salads again. I'm not looking to be raw or perfect, but just nourishing my body with clean foods and less processed stuff. 

Here is what I'm following and aiming to follow right now:

-Super Nutrient Dense smoothies with lots of greens, superfoods and herbs. 

-Probiotic rich foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, kimchi. 

-Salads with veggie burgers (I like Hilary's for the best ingredients). 

-Drinking lots of purified water from my Big Berkey Filter (this is new, I'm going to post about it soon). 

-Coconut water or Nettle Tea base for smoothies. 

-Tonics made with herbs and medicinal mushrooms. I also like adding Dandy Blend and Coco Mojo. 

-Fresh Seasonal Fruit (I'm not looking to eat melon when it's cold. Right now I'm into apples, pears and persimmons). 

-Dark Chocolate with pure ingredients. I like Sacred Chocolate but it's hard to find. So I buy HuKitchen chocolate a lot (at Whole Foods). 

-Warming, stick to your ribs soups with lots of veggies and beans. 

-Quinoa is my grain of choice but I do partake in brown rice and millet too just not as often. 

-Fresh Juice. 

-Lara Bars, Square Bars, dried fruit. These aren't "ideal", but I need a snack during the day when Baby S is napping and I can't make lunch. I keep a few upstairs in my nightstand so I can grab them without leaving her. She naps in my bed, so I don't like to leave for too long. 

-Smoothie Bowls. Made with fruit, superfoods and topped with fruit, almond butter, granola (I like Purely Elizabeth for the best ingredients). 

-Immune boosters like Elderberry syrup, turmeric powder, vitamin c powder every day. 

-Oatmeal bowls with gluten free oats, fruit, dried fruit and almond butter. 

-Dinners made up of veggies, beans or sprouted tempeh or tofu, and gluten free grains topped with tahini sauce. 

-Homegrown sprouts to add a nutrient punch to my meals. 

That being said, I'm still enjoyed treats too. I'm not perfect but this list is what I am aiming for to be the bulk of my diet. 

I'm also including exercise and a few relaxing rituals. I always work out 4-5 days a week and an extra activity day (hiking, walk, bike ride). I'm stretching and doing yoga before bed. Taking the time to remember to breath. Taking deep breathes throughout the day. Being conscious of what chatter is going on in my head and shutting it down before I start to worry. I take a shower before bed and rinse with cold water to help my lymph system and to lower my body temp. I also use my rebounder as often as possible. I put lavender oil on at night and diffuse lavender essential oil. In the morning I diffuse wild orange or grapefruit to lift our spirits. I body brush every other day. I drink lemon water with turmeric and cayenne pepper as soon as I wake up. These are some rituals I have been doing and some that I am getting back to doing. 

Cheers to another year of health! I hope to have many, many, many more! I have a beautiful life to live and I want to live it with gusto. :)

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