Weekends: Delicious Orchards and Papa Ganache

November 7, 2016

Hi! I hope you had a beautiful weekend! The weather was nice here and we had a fun couple of days so I can't complain. 

On Saturday, I wanted to hit up a new local bowl bar that opened before running out errands. The place "Ono Bowls" had just opened that day. What a cute spot. I loved the decor. 

I had there AB&J bow which was so good! They have 3 bowl menus: also, pitaya and Ono Bowls. This was an Ono bowl so it was a blend of berries and almond butter. Yum! 

We ran errands all of Saturday and then celebrated my neice's 4th birthday. On Sunday, the girls woke us up at 5:40am (thanks daylight savings!). So we took an early morning family trip to Starbucks. I had an unsweetened green tea almond milk latte. I also made myself some millet and flax toast with Kite Hill Chive Cream Cheese (the best!), tomatoes and coconut bacon that I bought last weekend at Seed to Sprout. 

On our way to our adventures, we stopped off at Whole Foods for a quick lunch. I had kale with potatoes and a couple dolmas with carrot ginger no oil dressing. 

We drove down to Delicious Orchards market. Little A always loves a good photo op!

The love between them is like no other! 

We mostly went to Delicious Orchards for the experience. They don't have much organic produce and even their fresh made dried fruit had HFCS and sulfite in it! Eek! Someone needs to teach them a thing or two. Luckily, their organic dried mango is just mango, so we got a bag of that along with pumpkin seeds and organic princess pasta for Little A. Most likely she will have it for school lunch for a few day. 

On our way back we stopped off at Papa Ganache vegan bakery! 

You would laugh to see Little A and I skipping into this place. 

Patiently waiting while the man rung is up. 

We brought home a brownie and cupcake for T and Little A and a gluten free linzer tart and cookie for me. I needed a snack, hence the cookie. The rest was dessert. 

When we got home, it was still so early! Daylight savings had us completely off the whole day. We roasted the pumpkin seeds we bought (they were roasted but not nearly enough to be edible). 

Then we made pizza for dinner. Mine was tomato sauce, olives, spinach, tomatoes and Miyoko's vegan mozz on a brown rice tortilla. 

Little A had Miyokos, sauce, olives and nutritional yeast on a spelt English muffin. 

After dinner we played outside for a little (it was so dark, so early). Little A enjoyed holding a sparkler. Love the magic in her face. She truly makes me want to be the best Mom ever. Both of them do. I'm so lucky. :)


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