Weekend Eats and Health News

November 14, 2016

Hi there! I hope you had a nice weekend! We didn't do much, but we ate some good food I wanted to share. 

Before the weekend, I was lucky enough to hit up a nearby place that carries goodies from Seed the Sprout vegan cafe. I had a raw veggie lovers pizza and PB cup. I also got a small bag of Oloves olives. It's alway nice when I have to be out of the house but have somewhere I can grab easy food. 

T found Rebbl chai at a local grocery store. My favorite kind of surprise: food!

Also before heading into the weekend, I had to go to the city for my 6 month check up. Everything went great and my bloodwork came out great again too! Yippy! This meant a quick stop at the health food store nearby. These were the goodies I brought home. This bread may be my favorite gluten free bread. Also, the Hilary broccoli casserole bites are amazing too!

Baby S LOVES birds. She sat and ate some dried mango while checking out the pigeons. She cracks me up!

For my lunch on Friday, I made the Hilary bites with arugula, kraut, tomatoes and a slice of the gluten free bread I bought with the Miyokos cheese spread I bought (also, so good!). 

For dinner I made quinoa pasta with broccoli rabe, olives, tomatoes and white beans.  

Last week, I asked T if he could make me a triangle shelf. He did such a great job and my favorite part is that it was built with love (and only took him 20 minutes to make!). 

We had lunch at Whole Foods on Saturday: kale salad with pea shoots, white beans, dolmas, falafel and tahini. 

For dinner, we made pizza. Mine was on a brown rice crust with Miyokos cheese, sauce, olives, tomatoes and arugula. 

On Sunday, we ran some errands and checked out a new Deans Market that opened about 30 minutes from us. I had split pea and kale soup with potatoes and a matcha latte from Rebbl (can you tell I love their stuff?). 

Have a great day! xo

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