The Naturally Lauren 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

December 2, 2016

Happy Holidays! The season of giving is upon us so today I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ideas for holiday gifts this with a variety of prices, for those looking to give (or receive) something small or big! 

1. A box of dates! These aren't just any dates though, these are fresh organic dates from California. They are picked right from the tree and delivered to your door. This would be a wonderful gift for any food lover but I'm sure someone vegan or healthy would especially love this. You can find these at This is a seasonal product meaning they only sell them until they run out, so hurry if you are interested! Perfect for an early gift for someone or yourself. 

2. The Goddess Provisions Box. (affiliate link) You all know how much I love this subscription service for amazing, magical, high vibe tools to nourish your inner goddess and spiritual practice. You can sign up for one box or a monthly delivery. They also have a special one time crystal box for the holidays that I'm swooning over. 

3. Berkey Water Filtration System. This is a high ticketed item, but a must for anyone who wants the cleanest water. We recently found out that our water has Chromium-6 in it which is said to cause cancer among many other things. I also feel it's possible that my water has lead and I'm positive it has chlorine along with pharmaceuticals and other toxins. I was using a filter on my fridge for awhile but that wasn't cutting it. From their site: "This system removes pathogenic bacteria, cysts and parasites entirely and extracts harmful chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, chlorine, organic solvents, radon 222 and trihalomethanes. It also reduces nitrates, nitrites and heavy metals such as lead and mercury. This system is so powerful it can remove food coloring from water without removing the beneficial minerals your body needs. Virtually no other system can duplicate this performance."

The one I have is the smallest they make. Great for the small space I have but still I only have to fill it once a day and the filters last almost 3 years! 

4. Ladylishanin Purses.

I am obsessed with this vegan purse that I won on Instagram. I had never heard of Ladylishanin until someone I followed was hosting a giveaway. It was literally love at first sight! I was like "I HAVE TO WIN THIS!" And I did! If you want a fashionable, beautiful purse, they come in many colors. This would make great present from Santa! ;)

5. Who doesn't love a warm (vegan) fleece blanket? Check out this gorgeous one that I was gifted! You can find them on the Kohls website. This design makes me so happy and it's super soft and toasty. I sleep with it every night. Baby S loves it too! 



6. Vegan Jerky of The Month Club. Another prize I recently won on Instagram was Louisville vegan jerky. I'm not a fan of fake meats but the ingredients are gluten free and the taste was spot on! T really enjoyed them. I love that they have a jerky of the month club that you can sign up for. This would be the perfect gift for a newer vegan or someone who enjoys "meatier" vegan products. 

7. MoMax Products. I talked about MoMax and what they are doing in my latest review. These would make for awesome stocking stuffings and the lip balms would be perfect for kids! 

8. Vans Sneakers come in some really cute designs for kids and most are vegan! I got Baby S the unicorns and Little A the pugs. These two happen to be canvas. 



Happy Shopping!


***I was not paid by any of these companies. I however did win some and was given to sample. All opinions are my own.


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