Weekend Finds and Family Photos

November 21, 2016

Happy Monday! I'm so grateful this is a short week ahead, last week was a long one! On Thursday, we will not only celebrate Thanksgiving, but also Little A's 6th birthday! I ordered her a vegan gluten free ice cream cake so her birthday will still be celebrated even though it falls on Thanksgiving this year. She is also celebrating next weekend with a party with her friends. 

This weekend was a quick one, we took family/Christmas photos on Saturday and Sunday, Little A spent the day with my mother-in-law so Baby S, T and I did a little Christmas shopping. 

Before that, on Friday I grabbed some Barnana snacks at Whole Foods. These are my latest obsession. The girls love them too! They don't last long around here. I can't wait to try the peanut butter and chocolate ones! Yum!

Another new obsession is this Simple Mills brand. Their stuff is vegan, non gmo, uses mostly organic ingredients, made from only a few ingredients and gluten free! Not to mention, super yummy! We've had the vegan crackers and I found these to make Saturday. They came out delicious! I just found out Target carries this brand and they make muffins, bread and cookie mixes and even frosting!! 

I picked up this Santosha chocolate bar to enjoy after our photo shoot. 

I also enjoyed this Revive Kombucha before our photo shoot. 

Along with this yummy salad I made at Dean's Market: kale salad with roasted potatoes. 

I won these vegan gluten free jerky on Instagram. T went crazy for them. He really liked them! They were a little too meat like for me (I guess that's a good thing?). Anyway, if you are missing meat, try Louisville Vegan Jerky!

Finally, here are some of my favorite shots from out photo shoot! Have a nice day! xo


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