Weekends: Pink Tree and Santa!

December 5, 2016

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! The next few weekends for us are going to be ALL ABOUT CHRISTMAS! Little A is slightly obsessed this year and it's so magical to watch Christmas through her eyes. Makes it all worth it!


I've been on a little oatmeal kick lately. I make gluten free oats with one date, half a banana, cinnamon and water. Sometimes I add frozen berries while cooking. Then I top with more banana, raisins and some maple syrup. I got this idea from Jay the Plantbased Althlete. 


Friday night dinner was quinoa pasta with red lentil and tomato sauce. So good! 


Saturday, I got this awesome package I won from Sataya Jewlery. I am sooooo in love with these pieces and I pretty much want every piece on their site. I should update my gift ideas to add them because they are the perfect gift for someone who likes yoga inspired jewlery. I'm also excited to read Radical Beauty. I adore Kimberly Snyder and everything she talks about. 


Before heading out for our adventures, I had a quick snack/lunch (well my first lunch). 


Then we headed to a Christmas tree farm a while away from us. We wanted to go to this particular farm because not only do they have fresh trees you cut, but colored ones!


Yup, Little A wanted a pink tree and we delivered! 


They had regular trees as well. 


But I think the colors are much more fun. 


And will make for a Christmas she will never forget! 


On the way back, we hit up Dean's for my second lunch. Summer rolls!


On Sunday, I made more oats but this time with vegan chocolate chips!


Besides eating most of my oats, Little A painted a Santa puzzle she got as a gift. 


Then we headed to the mall to see Santa! They had a "flight school" theme which was totally interactive and so fun! 


Baby S wasn't having it with Santa so I jumped in for the shot! Little A told Santa all about how she wants a "Hatchamil" and in case you don't know, you don't want to. This is all the rage this year and they are IMPOSSIBLE to find. T goes to Walmart before work every morning in hopes to get one. No luck so far! A $40 toy people are selling on Facebook for $180 and up! We will not be paying that. But Little A may have to get a "coupon" for a Hatchimal that will arrive shortly after Christmas because Santa can't make them fast enough. Lucky for us, Santa told her that today. I guess he knew all about the rage!


After visiting Santa, we hit up Starbucks before leaving the mall. I had a "Joy" tea with almond milk (latte). 


We stopped at Whole Foods for lunch and I had a kale salad with potatoes, dolmas, peppadews and Chana masala. 


Later on, we started decorating the tree. We hope to finish today. Yesterday was a long, fun, tiring day so we did a little before bed. 


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