Vegan Lunchboxes and Kid Food for December

December 30, 2016

Happy almost New Year! I can not believe another month is gone, nevermind the year! Here are Little A's lunchboxes and other kid food for December. 


An Amy's gluten free bean and rice burrito, romaine lettuce, apples and chocolate coconut milk. 


Sprouted, organic, baked tofu, a vegan crescent bun, apples, coconut milk yogurt and lettuce. 


An Amy's burrito (same as always), a chocolate coconut milk, apples and freeze dried strawberries and bananas. 


Earth Balance Mac and Cheeze, Annie's gummy snacks, apples and romaine lettuce. 


Same Amy's burrito, a Simple Mills gluten free vegan grain free cookie, apples and romaine lettuce. 


Same burrito, applesauce, watermelon and cantaloupe, romaine lettuce and organic popcorn. 


Baby S eating sweet potato mashed with guacamole, chickpeas and some lettuce. 


Little A eating the same but not mashed. 


Same burrito, romaine lettuce, apples and dried mango. 


Vegan chocolates I got for Little A's stocking. 


Banana and raspberry candy cane for a snack one day. 


Same burrito, lettuce, apples and a chocolate coconut milk. 


Daiya Mac and cheeze, chocolate graham cookies, apples and carrots. 


Daiya Mac and cheeze, a Made Good granola bar, oranges and apples. 


Baby S drinking fresh coconut water. 


Snowflake pasta with tomato sauce, baked organic sprouted tofu, organic Emoji cookies (found these at Costco and they are a big hit) and apples. 


I had to go into Little A's class for her holiday party. The kids were having hot cocoa and cookies so I brought Little A two vegan gluten free French macaroons and Coco Mojo hot cocoa. 


Baked tofu on spelt bread, organic pretzels and apples. 


Snowflake pasta, a clementine, apples and Aemoji organic cookies. 


Snowflake pasta with sauce, Made Good granola bites (yay, my Costco brought them back!), a clementine and apples. 


Snowflake pasta with tomato sauce, Emoji organic cookies, oranges and apples. 


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