Self Care During Your Time of The Month

December 9, 2016

Sorry guys, this one is for the ladies. You're welcome to keep reading, you know for ideas on how to pamper your woman..

Today I'm going to share with you some of my favorite rituals for making that time of the month more pleasant. Of course any of these ideas can be used for supreme self care as well. But for me, I have been feeling like that time is when I need these the most. I was fortunate enough not to have my period return with Little A until she stopped nursing at 3! With Baby S, it came back right after she turned a year. Chasing around a toddler when I'm tired, crabby and crampy is no fun! But, looking forward to some of these rituals has really helped.


1. Light stretches. Nothing with twists or turns out just a few downward dogs and sitting in child's pose is very soothing. I also try to stop and breath more because let's face it, PMS is a monster.


2. Body brush before a shower. This moves the lymph and helps breakouts. I lightly brush my face.


3. Oil up in and after the shower. I have a small container of coconut oil that I put on when I am showering. I let the steam let it set in. When you rinse it, you'll find your skin is super smooth. Then I rub some lavender oil on which helps relax me. This is lovely before bed.


4. A nice tonic or cup of tea. I find chamomile helps calm things down. For a tonic I like something on the chocolate side so I mix some Cocoa Mojo mix with extra reishi and stevia drops for the ultimate elixir.


5. Go to bed early. This one is so hard for me, but the extra sleep makes such a difference. I'm super tired and my energy is lower, this helps me feel rejuvenated in the morning.


6. Exfoliate your skin and use a face mask. I use an Acure scrub in the shower to exfoliate and then a clay mask to pull out impurities. My skin tends to breakout during my time of the month. Another idea is to use one of those electronic face brushes. They work wonders!


7. Treat yourself! Get a mani/pedi (I'm in desperate need! I need a little ME break). If you can't do that, grab your favorite chocolate bar and watch some Netflix. That's my usual route! I'm obsessed with This is Us which is a new show that makes me cry, smile, laugh every episode! It's like the new Parenthood! This is Us isn't on Netflix but you can catch up online. Which also prevents my early bedtime! Hehe!


8. Break out the leggings. I don't like to wear jeans during this time. Why torture yourself? Leggings and a comfy sweater, boom! It's like wearing your pajamas but you still look stylish!


9. Light Exercise. I find my cramps go away after a nice workout. A walk or hike is perfect for me during this time of the month.


10. Up your hydrating fluids and foods. Coconut water, maple water, melon, berries, smoothies all my favorites to help with water retention!


Finally, remember that you're a goddess and don't let PMS, cramping, tiredness bring you down! Try some of my tips and I bet you'll feel much better when that time of the month comes knocking!



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