Weekend Food and Vitacost Haul

December 12, 2016

Hi! I hope you had a lovely weekend! We didn't do anything too exciting, just some Christmas shopping, errands and eating! :) 


Had myself a tofu spring roll from Trader Joe's on Friday. These are my favorite. I make my own sauce because theirs has wheat (mix peanut butter with coconut aminos and water). 


On Saturday, we went to the mall (blah). I dread the mall. We go a couple times a year, mostly to see Santa and the Easter Bunny. Besides that, I'm not a fan. I enjoy Whole Foods and Target but not the mall. Anyway, we did some Christmas shopping for family and friends and then had lunch in the food court. There was a place called Potatopia, which was a Chipotle style buffet but everything is on top of potatoes. The options were baked potatoes, curly fries, red potatoes, mashed potatoes, etc. I had red potatoes with all the veggies. Very yummy!


Little A wanted incense. I know, hilarious. We went into a store that carried them and T showed her that they had glitter on the ends and were scents like "fairy dust" and "dragons blood". All sounds amazing to a 6 year old. We let her get a few and a little holder for them. 


We also got our ornament that we try to get every year. Last year we got Baby S her first Christmas. This year we got a family one. T has been getting me these since our first Christmas dating. 


For dinner we had pizza! Mine was spinach, Miyokos vegan cheese, tomatoes, sauce, spinach and olives on a brown rice tortilla. 


T also made himself Gardein buffalo wings with Daiya blue cheese dressing. He said they were "out of this world!" So glad he has adapted so well to eating vegan! 


On Sunday, we ran a few small errands and then came home for T's football game. At half time I had him put the finishing touches on a picture wall I've been working on. What do you think? (PS Elf on The Shelf photo bomb). 


For lunch I made a salad with arugula, olives, tomatoes, turmeric kraut, spicy pickled veggies and a Dr. Praegers veggie burger and potato hash patty. 


If you want to see my latest Vitacost haul, check out my YouTube video!



Have a nice day! xo

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