School Lunches and Kid Food for January

February 2, 2017

Hey all! A few days late on this, but here is kids food and school lunches for the month of January. If you like this post, please share because I have lots of great ideas and motivations for those that get tired of the same old lunches (for yourself or kids). I think a lot of people could benefit from these lunchbox posts! :)


Lunch for Little S (18 months) one day: half of a Hilary's veggie burger, spinach sautéed in coconut oil, a piece of broccoli, a carrot and cauliflower and some left over sweet potato. 


Dinner for Little A one night: quinoa pasta with tomato sauce, vegan pepperoni (Mindful Kitchens brand), olives, carrots, snap peas and broccoli. 


Little S stealing my green juice! 


Little A's kindergarten school lunch: an Amy's gluten free dairy free bean and rice burrito, freeze dried blueberries, organic emoji cookies, romaine lettuce and a GoGo Squeeze apple and banana sauce. 


Baked tofu and hummus in a spelt wrap, emoji cookies, apples, romaine lettuce (she has water with lunch daily, I won't keep mentioning that). 


Baked sprouted tofu and hummus on gluten free bread, two packs of Annie's organic gummies, a Made Good granola bar, apple and banana sauce and freeze dried mango. 


Little S eating sautéed peppers and some sprouted tofu. 


Little S having her first pb&j on gluten free bread along with her favorite pouch which is apple, cauliflower and leek. 


Little Ducks Organics was kind enough to send me all these goodies! 


We love this brand because they are just bite sized freeze dried fruit with nothing added. The gummies have probiotics, Little A eats those. 


Breakfast for Little S: Little Ducks freeze dried apples and bananas, frozen mango, Kite Hill Almond Milk yogurt and oatmeal with raisins. 


School lunch: Kite Hill Cream cheese and lettuce on gluten free bread, freeze dried blueberries, an apple and banana sauce, lettuce and a clementine. 


Same sandwich, apples, a clementine, romaine lettuce, Mary's Gluten free vegan cookies and coconut water. 


Same sandwich, water, organic pretzels, apples, a clementine and a Kite Hill Almond Milk yogurt. 


Leftover rice with lentils, water, raisins, a Made Good granola bar, cucumbers, a clementine and lupini beans 


Brown rice and black beans, freeze dried mango, apples, romaine lettuce, water and a granola bar. 


Little A's awesome banana pants!


Little S really loved this Cashew milk Kefir. 


Both eating Love Grown cereal with almond milk. 


A Gardein chick'n pattie, a Kite Hill almond milk yogurt, a clementine, apples, romaine lettuce and a water. 


Two Gardein chick'n parties, Kite Hill almond milk yogurt, apples, romatine lettuce and water. 


Little S eating almond butter with a spoon!


Daiya Mac and cheese, apples, a clementine, an apple and banana GoGo Squeez and Emoji cookies. 


Brown rice and black beans, a smoothie made with superfoods and bananas, apples, water and Annie's graham cookies. 


A Gardein chick'n pattie, romaine lettuce, water, apples, an apple and banana GoGo Squeez and MySupersnack granola bites. 


Tofu and hummus on organic Italian bread, a Kite Hill Almond milk yogurt, a Made Good granola bar, a clementine, water and Romaine lettuce. 


Same sandwich, a Suma organic, Emoji cookies, green olives stuffed with garlic, a Kite Hill yogurt and water. 


No chicken noodle soup, a smoothie of superfoods, bananas and frozen wild blueberries, two left over Simple Mills cookies, apples and water. 


Rice and beans, a Made Good granola bar, Kite Hill yogurt, kale chips, mango and a water. 


Same sandwich, Made Good granola bites, apples, lettuce, a Kite Hill yogurt and water. 


Same sandwich, Made Good granola bites, an apple banana GoGoSqueez, apples and a water. 


Little S' lunch plate: rice crackers, half of a Sunshine Burger, blueberries, kraut, tomatoes and hummus. 

See you next month for more kid food! 

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