Reflections of 2016

January 4, 2017

Hi! Today I'm sharing my annual reflections from the year. The year 2016, was a great one for me! Any year that I can say I am healthy and happy, gets my approval. After spending so many years sick with IBD, I don't take anything for granted.


This last year's theme was "family". Everything we did and all my intentions were based on my family, those near and far.


In 2016, my year started off with my grandfather turning 90 years young! I am so grateful to have so many years with him. I'm also extremely happy that he has been around to meet my girls. He is still going, the man doesn't slow down (well maybe just a little with his walker).


My sister had a baby girl! My first niece from my family and I was lucky enough to be made her god mother! T as the god father! I can't believe she'll be one in a few weeks!


I attended two VegFests which were awesome! I ate so much delicious vegan this year, it was ridiculous! I can't believe how many awesome new products are out there now along with vegan and vegan friendly restaurants popping up all over the place. 



Baby S hit many milestones during 2016 from crawling to walking and now talking more and more every day! She celebrated some holiday's for the first time (and some for the second). I can't believe how quickly she has grown into a toddler. I think I may need to start referring to her as "Little S", but I don't want to let go of the "baby" yet!


Little A performed in her second ballet recital this year, went to cheerleading camp (which she loved) and started full day kindergarten! She is learning to read now and is getting better and better daily. I can't believe what a lovely young lady she's become. She is grateful and kind, has so many friends! She loves school, crafts, doing art, playing and being social! My little social butterfly definitely blossomed in 2016.


T and I celebrated 10 years of marriage this past year. We had an awesome getaway with the kids! To Lambertville, Nj and we spent time in New Hope, PA. We stayed at a gorgeous hotel and made wonderful memories with the girls. This was truly one of my favorite times in my life. 


We also celebrated Baby S' first birthday this past July! We had a watermelon themed BBQ in our backyard that was filled with yummy vegan food, family and friends who all love her! We even had a clown come perform! 


Little A turned 6 on Thanksgiving. We are so thankful for her!! My little goose! She had her first friend birthday party which was a princess party with 14 girls! She had a memorable time and I just loved seeing the twinkle in her eye during the whole party. 

We did so many fun things in 2016, I can't even begin to list all the places we went. Just about every weekend was something new!


I will miss 2016, but I know that so many more memories and fun are ahead for 2017. With health, love, my family and happiness I don't need much else. Life is good! 

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