First Birthday and Disney on Ice

January 18, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! Little A was off of school yesterday, so ours was a long fun one! 

On Saturday we celebrated my niece's first birthday (my sister's daughter). 

They had it at their house and it was a snow theme which was really cute.. As you can see. 

Vegan hot cocoa with Dandy marshmallows and gluten free vegan cookie crumbs. 

Cute hot cocoa station! My sister is not vegan, but she is dairy free, so she always has lots of vegan options. 

The birthday girl eating her vegan gluten free "cake". My sister made the cake with bananas and oats and the frosting was just coconut whipped up. 


Little A was party ready. 


Baby S too!


They had a chili station. I provided the vegan gluten free chili and Daiya cheddar cheese. The chili I made with beans, quinoa and Beyond Meat (vegan gluten free meat substitute). 


Baby S digging into the celery. 


My sis also made vegan gluten free cupcakes using the Simple Mills mix with vegan substitutes. The frosting was Cherrybrooke Farms. They were amazing!

On Sunday we went to Disney on Ice! Little A loves Disney princesses and Baby S loves Mickey and Minnie. This was held at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ. The center is really nice. We went to Frozen on Ice there a few years ago when I was pregnant with Baby S. They even have a health food stand that has lots of salads, gluten free sandwiches, fruit and hummus with crackers. 


Baby S' jaw was wide open with a big grin when she saw Minnie! 

Personally, I enjoyed this show better than the Frozen one. It was nice to have a variety of characters.


Rapunzel is a favorite in our house. Tangled is one of my favorite Disney movies and it has a special place in my heart since it was Little A's first movie she was really obsessed with. 


Can't forget those cute dwarfs!



Little A was very into it. She really didn't move at all. 


Baby S sat on my lap 95% of the time, the other 5% was half standing in front of me and half on T's lap. Side note, photo bomb by JWoww of 'Jersey Shore". They sat a row over and behind us. Her daughter is super cute.


Baby S didn't want to pose for a picture but Little A is always picture ready! 


I came with snacks! Little A and I had square bars, Little A also had a hot pretzel there, Baby S snacked on Quinoa puffs (I got these on Amazon for the occasion. She doesn't ever have puffs so they were a good idea to keep her busy since they were something new. The quinoa ones don't have the artificial vitamins in them). She also had some cashewmilk kefir in her straw cup and clementines I opened before we got there. 


Me and my girls! 


That night Little A and I played The Yoga Garden game. This game is so cute and fun! Little A loves board games. 


On Monday, T had work but my parents, sister and niece came up. It was my niece's actual birthday. We all went to Whole Foods for lunch. Baby S slept while I had a salad with naked white beans, potatoes and tofu. Little A had veggie sushi. 


Baby S loves her cousin. She always wants to rub her face (ever since she was born). Ginger had to get a sniff in too! 


And of course, Little A LOVES her cousin. She's such a good big cousin/sister!

Have a great day!

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