Winter Favorites Part 1: My Stuff

January 20, 2017


Now that it is officially Winter, I'm sharing my Winter favorites! I'm not a big fan of the cold. I prefer late Spring and early Summer for sure. Born and raised in New Jersey, I am accustomed to the cold, but I always say I'm moving somewhere warm. Ha! 


Today I'll share my favorite things for me and in part 2, I'll share my favorite kid stuff for Winter. Stay tuned for that next week! 



Happy Planner: Did you know there is a whole planner world out there? I'm not talking your regular 3 ring calendar.. I'm talking beautiful pages and accessories to make your planning all pretty and happy! I recently jumped on this trend after New Years. I have always been a planner girl, but with my iPhone, I felt that they weren't needed. That was until I saw how much fun they are now! You can get stickers, tapes, post it's, colored pens to make your planner "happy". So much fun!


Fleece Lined Leggings: I actually found them for $8 at Modells Sporting Goods Store. They are super comfy and warm. I tend to be an itchy person, so I worried these would bother me, but they don't at all. 


Green Little Beans: my good friend Micheline sells the most adorable handmade products on her site. Her blog Is great too with some touching beautiful posts. I hope you will all check her out and support this Mompreneur! 


Chunkie Dunkies: I was sent this product to review and holy wow! These are delicious raw treats that my whole family loved! I find that raw sweets tend to be heavy and rich and these were light and sweet. Very enjoyable and I didn't feel weighed down after. 


Garden of Life Raw Organic Meal: T and I recently started using this and it's super yummy! I like that it has a ton of added superfoods so I don't have to add my own. So much more simple in the morning. I like it blended with banana and almond milk best. I also love adding frozen wild blueberries (another recent favorite). 


100% Pure Body Lotion: As I mentioned, I'm more of a dry/itchy person. This lotion is really creamy and rich and lathers beautifully. Definitely keeps my skin supple and moist. Their lotions smell fantastic and are made from the safest, purest ingredients.. Not to mention they smell good enough to eat!


Square Bars: These are seriously like no other. I could eat like 5 in a day.. but they aren't cheap! ;) Little A really likes them too. They are like a dessert but I enjoy them as a mid morning snack. My current favorite flavor is the Nuts and Sea Salt. I also love the chocolate crunch, almond and coconut right now. 


Forager Cashew Kefir: I recently found this at my local Whole Foods and I was super excited! It is really tasty and has probiotics. Baby S really loves it too and drinks about two cups of it a day!  


Simple Mills Mixes: These mixes are fantastic! They have super simple, minimum ingredients, are organic, non gmo and vegan (with substitutes). They are easy to make and really delicious (especially since they are made without flour). They use almond flour, so they are Paleo friendly as well. You can't find them in Target, Whole Foods and even Vitacost. Their crackers are delicious as well! And frosting!! 


Giovanni Shampoo and Conditioner: I have tried many natural products on my hair and my hair always looked lifeless. This product isn't 100% natural and pure, but it comes close enough for me and actually gives results! They are salon quality and contain no parabens, SLS, Dyes or PEGs.  They are eco friendly, vegetarian and don't test in animals. I buy the repairing products because I enjoy the smell the best. I don't ever use dye or even hair dryers anymore so I don't need it for that. Target sells them but I get these large bottles on Amazon. They last forever too because I only wash my hair a couple times a week. Little A Also uses these and washes her hair every other day. It's so thick, you only need a small amount. 

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