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January 31, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a lovely weekend and Monday! I've been slacking on the posts lately because I've been super busy with Mom life! Wednesday in my birthday, so I'm hoping to get a another post up soon, but like I said, non stop over here! *Just keep breathing..* lol


On Friday, Little S and I were at Whole Foods bright and early! She's been napping mid day, so we never have a chance to get out before picking up Little A, so we went early. I got myself this Modern Alkeme tonic that is made by Jules from Real Housewives of NYC. When she was coming up with the idea, it was on the show and I was so excited to try it! I found it to be very good and not spicy at all. 


We also hit up Costco where I got all this produce (mostly organic) for so cheap! Gotta love Cotsco! 


On Saturday morning, while Little A was in ballet, Little S and I went to Fresh Press Juice Co (it's very close to ballet). I was excited to get a coconut bowl they now sell! An early birthday gift to myself. These are reusable, sustainable, all natural and made from an actual coconut!


Little S and I shared a green juice. 


I also got some Fine Health Kombucha that they had on tap. 


For lunch I made a big salad with tomatoes, Brami lupine beans, a Sunshine Burger, hummus and kraut. 


Dinner was quinoa pasta with kale, capers, olives and a touch of tomato sauce. 


The girls snuggling on Saturday night while watching something Disney, I'm sure! 


On Sunday, I started with a big green smoothie full of superfoods! I've been aiming to get more super duper high vibe foods into my diet. Especially with my birthday coming. I also try to make each year better!


The girls had gluten free vegan Mickey pancakes that T made. He used the Pamela's gf dairy free mix. They had organic blueberries too. 


For lunch I used my new bowl to make a smoothie bowl! Topped with bee pollen, sprouted granola, almond butter and blueberries. 


For dinner Little A and I made a big pot of soup with veggie broth, gluten free pasta, kale, carrots and onions. 


Little S was so impressed with Little A's cooking skills that she drank the soup like this! Hehe!

Have a lovely day! xo

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