My Diet Staples

February 13, 2017


Today I'm sharing some staples from my diet. These are foods I eat weekly and most, daily! I love food, especially good food, and these are my favorites! 



Frozen Bananas and Frozen Fruit. I keep a big stash of frozen bananas and fruit in my freezer. I usually have one to two smoothies (or a smoothie bowl) a day. When I go to the store, I buy a few bunches of ripe bananas to freeze each week. I always get asked by the cashier if I really like bananas. As soon as I tell them that I wait for them to get spots and then I freeze them, they look at me like their mind was blown. They always say they never thought to do that. Frozen bananas make a smoothie in my opinion. If I don't have frozen, my smoothie is ruined (okay, maybe not ruined, but definitely not as creamy).


Chocolate. Not just any chocolate, raw, dark, organic chocolate with no crazy additives. My favorites are Sacred, HuKitchen, LuLu's and Chocolita. I always have a bar or two in my fridge. I like my chocolate firm and cold, so the fridge keeps it that way. A bar and a half a week is usually what I go through. I like to have a small piece every night. The only reason I don't eat more is that it keeps me up at night. A small piece before 6pm is usually fine. 


Kombucha. I don't drink alcohol at all. This is my go to drink when I want something bubbly that makes me feel good. My favorite is GTS and Health Ade.


Beans. We eat beans just about every night. Beans are so good for you and filled with vegan protein, iron, calcium. I love how versatile they are and how they can be added to any dish. 


Spinach, Arugula and Kale. Spinach is my favorite green for smoothies, plus it's so easy and fast to make. Little A can eat a whole plate of spinach cooked in coconut oil with a little pink salt. Kale is so great for boosting the nutrition of any meal. I love adding a bunch to soups or stir fry. I also use it for smoothies. Arugula is my favorite green for salads. I love having a big bowl for lunch with a veggie burger.



Veggie Burgers. Speaking of Veggie burgers, they are a wonderful meat alternative. There are so many varieties now a days. I prefer the ones that taste like veggies over meat. My favorite are Sunshine Burgers, Hilary's and Engine 2. They are all made of just veggies, gluten free grains, beans and seeds. 


Granola. The best way to make a smoothie bowl into a filling meal is to add granola. I prefer sprouted grains so right now I love the One Degree brand. Purely Elizabeth definitely wins for taste! I always try to get ones with simple, minimal ingredients that aren't too sweet and of course, are vegan and gluten free. 


Square Bars and Lara Bars. These are another treat type of food. I love these bars for a mid morning snack. I usually have breakfast with the girls, then it's awhile before I get to eat again because Little S keeps me busy. That's when I enjoy these. These two win in ingredients and in taste. 


Almond Milk. I wish I could make my own more often. But it seems that when I do, it goes bad fast or it gets drank fast. Haha! I never make enough! I find it cheaper to buy my own because I would need to use a lot of almonds to last us. I really LOVE New Barn almond milk because it tastes just like fresh almond milk. I've never tasted a store bought almond milk that tastes fresh, and this one does. They has minimal ingredients as well. I get this at Whole Foods. 


What are your diet staples? Comment below or on FB:


That's pretty much it! :) Have a great day! xo

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