The Importance of a Date Night

February 20, 2017

This past Saturday night, T and I went out alone. This was the first date we've had since Little S was born! (We did have a lunch out one day since, but that was over a year ago.)


My handsome hubby and I on our date. 


This date night was extremely eye opening. We are both so busy, him with work, me with the girls, that we didn't even realize how much we needed a break and to be together. I have always felt date nights are important but I always put the girls first and I'm not big on leaving them. They were both fine with my parents and had a great time. Little S didn't even cry when we left and big sis, Little A is always a huge help and so mature.

It was so amazing reconnect with T. Everything has been fine in our relationship, but we were definitely in a routine mode. The break away and have adult conversation over some organic wine was beyond relaxing and so much fun. We even walked around afterwards and stopped into Starbucks and a crystal store. I didn't want the night to end, but of course I missed my girlies.

I don't think we realize how important it is to spend alone time with our spouses. The energy completely changes once the kids aren't around. We can talk like adults, have some quiet and just enjoy each other's company. Having two children has definitely changed the dynamic. We basically it split up where I'll take one and he'll take the other. A lot of the time it all falls on me since both girls want to be with their Mom. I'm the one who takes on their lives most of the day, so naturally, they gravitate towards me. Being a stay at home Mom is a lot of work, even with Little A at school full time. I love every second of it, but I also love my husband, and need adult time once in awhile.

When was the last time you had time alone with your spouse? T and I are aiming for once a month for now. Once Little S gets bigger, it will be easier to leave for longer. But since she is nursing still and at a big attachment phase (19 months), getting away isn't as easy.

Here's my lovely meal. We went to a restaurant that isn't vegan but caters to special diets and allergies. They change the menu every day and use only fresh ingredients. When I called for the reservation, I mentioned I was vegan and gluten free and they made sure they had options.

I started of with their broccoli rabe with white bean appetizer. This was enough to be my meal! So good! 

They even had homemade vegan gluten free bread! What a treat!


For my dinner, they gave me a few pasta options, an eggplant no parm dish or a market vegetable plate. I went for the pasta primavera. If I had known the appetizer would be so big, I probably would've ordered the vegetable plate. That's okay though, we took half of this home for leftovers

Date nights are a must! So glad we took this time together to realize it!! Don't forget to spend time alone with your spouse, it's so important! 

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