We Had a Squirrel in Our House

February 22, 2017

We had a squirrel in our house last week. Coming from someone who is an animal lover and a vegan for 10 years, I was super scared and ran upstairs and barricaded myself and the girls in my bedroom until T and his Dad came and got it outside. I had posted about it on my personal Facebook page and I received a lot of comments. Mostly tips on how to get it out. I really had to wonder if these (well meaning) people would take their own advice in the same scenario. A wild animal was running loose, frantically in my house. It was squealing, hissing and hitting itself on the window, over and over. The worst part is that it was in the playroom and jumped out at the girls playing. I was in the kitchen and they both ran in screaming! Terrifying! See a squirrel outside = cute; see one in your house = a horror.

 Cute little guy, not the one that was in my house.


I really reacted horribly. This was not a good scene for the girls to see. Both of them were so scared and I sat with them both on my lap, holding them tight. They heard me frantically on the phone with T, they saw the fear on my face and now Little A is so scared it will happen again. I really wish I calmly brought them upstairs, sat them down and told them we would stay there until Daddy came home and helped the squirrel out of the house. Now, I am telling them all of this, but what they saw with their own eyes was not that at all.


Life lesson : React in a calm manor in a crisis. Don't let fear overcome me. Remember little eyes are always watching how I react in situations.


By the way, the squirrel got in through a hole in between the roof and the house and then chewed a hole from there into the house. We were out when it got in, then it hid in the playroom until the girls went in and started playing and it got scared. I do feel bad for the squirrel but at the time, it was fight or flight and we chose flight! ;)

How do you think you'd react in this situation? Being a Mom is such an eye opener. I find out more about myself everyday. The things I like, the things I don't like and the things I need to work on. We are all trying our best, and that's all we can do. Hopefully, Little A and Little S will one day see their Mom as a brave woman, not one who runs and screams from a squirrel. ;)

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