Weekend Fun in NYC

February 26, 2017

Hi! I hope you had a nice weekend! This weekend we spent Saturday in NYC. 


Little S on her first train ride! We went into the city to see Sesame Street Live but we got in early so we could make a day of it. 


First stop, The Cinnamon Snail at the Pennsy. The Pennsy is a food court right outside of Penn Station. Lucky for us, the Cinnamon Snail (vegan food truck) has a little restaurant. 


Little A enjoyed a donut. 


I had a maple Tempeh salad. SO GOOD! I also had a gluten free donut that was really amazing!


After that we walked to Bryant Park. The weather was in the upper 60's! We have had days like that numerous times last week, I'm so glad it lasted into the weekend. Here are the girls at the "Frozen" fountain. Yes, as in the movie. There was a sign and all! Little A was so excited. 


We also took a ride on the carousel. This was so charming, there was even French music playing. Felt like a movie!


My peeps walking through Bryant Park. 


After that, we got hasseled into getting the girls "sketched". This is such a funny story. The guy said $5 so T was all about it. The picture looks absolutely nothing like them. We couldn't stop laughing. Well worth the $5. 


There were these cool statues all over the streets. 


Of course Little A wanted a picture in front of every one. 




After that, it was off to the show! Little S enjoyed it (but left for about 20 minutes with T when she got cranky). Little A really liked it too even though she isn't into Sesame Street anymore. 


Little A was super happy with her veggie straws and hot pretzel. Vegan options! Haha! 


All in all, it was a wonderful day in the city! Can't wait for Spring! 

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